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Some minor problems may occur during the development process. This problem may seem simple, but it may be quite troublesome to handle.
I will write some tips I have developed to help you.

This articleArticleThis section describes how to hide the OK/X button in the upper-right corner of the form. If you do not need this button, remove it ~~~~

Next we will introduce the function of this button again. X indicates minimization, and OK indicates confirmation and closure. generally, after a new form is created, the minimum value of the default form is true. Therefore, if you want to display OK, set this attribute to false.

To hide this button, you need to call three APIs.

1 [Dllimport ( " Aygshell. dll " )]
2 Private   Static   Extern   Bool Shdonebutton (intptr hwnd, uint32 dwstate );
4 [Dllimport ( " Coredll. dll " )]
5 Public   Static   Extern Uint32 setwindowlong (intptr hwnd, Int Nindex, uint32 dwnewlong );
7 [Dllimport ( " Coredll. dll " )]
8 Public   Static   Extern Uint32 getwindowlong (intptr hwnd, Int Nindex );

Shdonebutton -- call this method when the form is OK.
Getwindowlong -- get the information of the specified window
Setwindowlong -- set the information of the specified window. The two methods can be used together to hide the X button.


1 Public   Const Uint32 shdb_show =   Zero X 0001 ;
2 Public   Const Uint32 shdb_hide =   Zero X 0002 ;
3 Public   Const   Int Gwl_style =   - 16 ;
4 Public   Const Uint32 ws_nonavdonebutton =   Zero X 00010000 ;
6 ///   <Summary>
7 /// Hide OK button
8 ///   </Summary>
9 ///   <Param name = "hwnd"> </param>
10 Public   Static   Void Hidedonebutton (intptr hwnd)
11 {
12 Shdonebutton (hwnd, shdb_hide );
13 }
15 ///   <Summary>
16 /// Hide X button
17 ///   </Summary>
18 ///   <Param name = "hwnd"> </param>
19 Public   Static   Void Hidexbutton (intptr hwnd)
20 {
21 Uint32 dwstyle = Getwindowlong (hwnd, gwl_style );
23 If (Dwstyle & Ws_nonavdonebutton) =   0 )
24 Setwindowlong (hwnd, gwl_style, dwstyle | Ws_nonavdonebutton );
25 }

In actual calls, you only need to pass in the form handle as a parameter.

How can I open the hidden button?
You only need to set the minimizebox attribute of the Form. To display OK, set it to false. To display X, set it to true.

Display Effect:
Show OK button

Show X button

Hide button


Running Environment: vs2008+ Wm6.0 +. Net cf3.5

Author: appleseeker (Feng)

Date: 2009-2-2

Article introduction:Mobile Development Index stickers

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