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Method 1: Use System. Data. oracleclient (you need to install the Oracle client and configure tnsnames. ora ).

Oracleconnectionstring: Data Source = orcl; user id = Scott; Password = tiger; persist Security info = false;


Method 2: Use oldedb to connect


Provider = oraoledb. oracle.1; user id = Scott; Password = tiger; Data Source = (description = (address_list = (address = (Protocol = TCP) (host = (Port = 1521 ))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = orcl )))

It seems that oledbcommandtype does not correspond to the ref cursor of Oracle on msdn, so it is discarded,


Method 3: The Oracle client is required, but tnsnames. ora is not required.

Connection string oracleconnectionstring

User ID = Scott; Password = tiger; Data Source = (description = (address_list = (address = (Protocol = TCP) (host = (Port = 1521 ))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = orcl )))

However, follow the Online Demo and often prompt:

An unprocessed "system. argumentexception" exception occurs in system. Data. oracleclient. dll.

Other information: Invalid Length for connection option 'data source', maximum length is 128.

Is the code wrong?


After calculation, what is the length of oracleconnectionstring over 180?

I gave some of the spaces and tried them one by one. The idea is enough.

If no exception exists, it won't be the length limit. I will add a space one by one. The result seems to be no more than 177 characters in length and can be connected? Is it true that Bt


String strconn = "User ID = Scott; Password = tiger; Data Source = (description = (address_list = (address = (Protocol = TCP) (host = (Port = 1521) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = orcl )))";
MessageBox. Show (strconn. length. tostring ());
System. Data. oracleclient. oracleconnection oraconn = new system. Data. oracleclient. oracleconnection (strconn );

Oraconn. open ();
MessageBox. Show (oraconn. state. tostring (); // 177
Catch (exception ex)
MessageBox. Show (ex. Message );
Oraconn. Close ();



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