. NET core configuration file loading with di injection configuration data

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. NET Core Configuration files

In the past. NET is a configuration file in XML format such as App.config/web.config, and. NET core recommends using a JSON-formatted configuration file because it is more flexible to use, and you can use DI injection configuration data from. NET Core.


1             varConfig =NewConfigurationbuilder ()2. Addinmemorycollection ()//to load the data of a configuration file into memory3. Setbasepath (Directory.GetCurrentDirectory ())//Specify the directory where the configuration file resides4. Addjsonfile ("Appsettings.json", Optional:true, Reloadonchange:true)//Specify the configuration file to load5. Build ();//compiling into Objects6Console.WriteLine (config["Test"]);//get the data in the configuration7config["Test"] ="test test";//Modify the data of the configuration object, the data of the configuration object can be modified8Console.WriteLine (config["test11"]);//getting data that doesn't exist in the configuration file is not an error.9Console.WriteLine (config["Thekey:nextkey"]);//get: Thekey---Nextkey value

Configuration file Appsettings.json file contents:

 1  { 2   " test   ": "  testval   "  3   " thekey  "   : { 4   "  Nextkey   ": "   Keyval   " 5   " 6 } 


Configurationbuilder need to add Package: "Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration"

Addjsonfile need to add Package: "Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Json"

Use with Di
1             varSP =Newservicecollection ()2. AddOptions ()//inject Ioptions<t>, so you can get ioptions<t> in the Di container.3. configure<testcls> (config. GetSection ("Testcls"))//Inject configuration Data4                 //you can also make modifications to the injected configuration data5. Configure<testcls> (t =6                 {7T.name ="Jame";//Modify the value of name8                 })9. Buildserviceprovider ();//compilingTen  One             varTest = sp. Getservice<ioptions<testcls>> ();//gets the injected configuration data Object AConsole.WriteLine (Jsonconvert.serializeobject (Test. Value));//{"Name": "Jame", "Age": 123} -  -             //The following code verifies that the configuration data object injected by configure is in Singleton mode (three life cycles of Di containers in. NET Core: Singleton (Singleton), Scoped (Scope), Transient (transient)) the             varTest1 = sp. Getservice<ioptions<testcls>>(); -Console.WriteLine (test = = test1);//true -             //Create a new scope get the configuration data Object -             varTest2 = sp. Getservice<iservicescopefactory> (). Createscope (). Serviceprovider.getservice<ioptions<testcls>>(); +Console.WriteLine (test = = test2);//true

To configure the test class:

1          Public class Testcls 2         {3public             stringgetset;} 4              Public int Get Set ; } 5         }

Content in Appsettings.json:

1 {2   " Testcls " : {3     " Name " " Tom " , 4     "  Age " 123 5   }6 }


Servicecollection need to add Package: "Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection"

AddOptions need to add Package: "Microsoft.Extensions.Options.ConfigurationExtensions"

Use in ASP. NET Core

Initialize the configuration file in the startup construction method, Startup.cs:

1             varBuilder =NewConfigurationbuilder ()2                 . Addinmemorycollection ()3                 . Setbasepath (env. Contentrootpath)4. Addjsonfile ("Appsettings.json", Optional:true, Reloadonchange:true)5. Addjsonfile ($"appsettings. {env. Environmentname}.json", Optional:true);6Configuration = Builder. Build ();

Injection configuration data in the Startup.cs-I configureservices method:

1             Services. AddOptions ()        // injected ioptions<t>2                 . Configure<testcls>(Configuration.getsection (nameof (TESTCLS))3                 . configure<testcls> (test =4                {5                     "Jame " // Modify the value of name 6                 });

Configuration data in the configuration file:

1 {2   "Logging": {3     "Includescopes":false,4     "LogLevel": {5       "Default":"Debug",6       "System":"Information",7       "Microsoft":"Information"8     }9   },Ten   "Testcls": { One     "Name":"Tom", A     " Age":123 -   } -}

Injection into the controller:

1[Route ("Api/[controller]")]2      Public classValuescontroller:controller3     {4Ioptions<testcls>_test;5          PublicValuescontroller (ioptions<testcls>test)6         {7_test =test;8         }9 [HttpGet]Ten          Public stringGets () One         { A             returnJsonconvert.serializeobject (_test. Value); -}


Display: {"Name": "Jame", "Age": 123}

. NET core configuration file loading with di injection configuration data

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