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Reflector and its plug-ins

Reflector. filedisassembler
Reflector. codemetrics
Reflector. sql2005browser
Reflector. delphilanguage
Reflector. mcpplanguage
Reflector. chromelanguage
Reflector. Diff
Reflector. visualstudio
Reflector. classview
Reflector. codemodelview
Reflector. filegenerator
Reflector. Graph
Reflector. openrunningassembly

Reflector Official Website: http://www.aisto.com/roeder/dotnet/

The two plug-ins, reflector. filedisassembler and reflector. filegenerator, are used for the same purpose.
DecompiledCodeExport to related files. Here I will only introduce the usage of reflector. filedisassemble,
Reflector. filegenerator usage is similar to reflector. filedisassemble
Under the cut Address: http://www.denisbauer.com/Download.aspx? File=reflector.filedisassembler.zip
Start reflector and click View --- add-ins ..... Select reflector. filedisassembler. dll
(Download reflector. filedisassembler and decompress the file.) After the file is successfully added, a file is displayed in the Tools menu.
Discycler option.
(B) Select the class to be exported and then select Tools à file discycler. The following dialog box is displayed.

C) In the text box, enter the directory of the exported file and click genrate to generate the file.

Reflector. visualstudio plug-in to embed the reflector tool into vs.net. Download
After reflector.visualstudio, put the decompressed file and reflector.exe together and click
Reflector.visualstudio.exe, You can import the file. Then we run vs.net. You can use the "externalProgram-Reflector "Yun
Lower cut Address: http://www.testdriven.net/downloads/ReflectorVsAddin.zip

(3) add reflector. sql2005browser in the same way as (1) this plug-in is used to view the storage set in SQL Server 2005 (Yukon) database.
Under the cut Address: http://www.denisbauer.com/Download.aspx? File=reflector.sql2005browser.zip

(4) reflector. codemetrics plug-in. Add the same method (1) this plug-in is used to analyze. Net assemblies and display the performance parameters of this component
Under the cut Address: http://projectdistributor.net/GetFile.aspx? Type = B & id = 55

(5) Add the reflector. Graph plug-in the same way (1) this plug-in is used to draw the structure of the set.
Under the cut Address: http://projectdistributor.net/GetFile.aspx? Type = B & id = 56

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