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If you encounter a requirement, make a browser dedicated to accessing your website for users to use. This browser provides the login function. In this case, it is an exe program installed on the client. webservice is used for login verification. The authentication logic cannot be written into exe. Otherwise, the client can obtain the database information by decompiling, leading to database security. In addition, if the database changes the configuration file, the client must be upgraded and the original exe cannot be used. First, I would like to explain why webserviec is used for verification. So how does one decompile and crack the. net exe program? In fact, so easy!

The Decompilation tool is so powerful that our programs are not safe. What can be done? There are countermeasures under the policy, and code obfuscators, dizzy! It makes it hard for you to decompile it out! Too much, too powerful!

Decompilation allows you to use the command line that comes with. net (you have never tried it)

You can also use the anti-compiler (Tool decompilation) and convert it into multiple languages. Because. net is cross-language, it has an MSIL intermediate language.


The plug-in/Files/sunyaling/Reflector.FileDisassembler.zip plug-in can export the entire project. If there is no plug-in, you can only view it in one way or one way.

Add a plug-in

Decompile a method:

Export all:

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