. NET developer bottlenecks and career development

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Now the society is more impetuous than the previous years, more and more people complain about the low salary, the high salary work is not good;

Admittedly this has the pressure of CPI, but also many people do not recognize their career development.

A lot of. NET programmers a variety of tangled, want to get high salary and can not get, want to improve and do not know how to improve.

I have also experienced this stage .... All kinds of tangled and confused, all kinds of tragedies ... Do not know where the road, I put my experience and ideas to share with you, I hope to give you a little help.

(This article only represents my personal point of view.)

Questions about career/salary bottlenecks:

(In this article, we assume that salary is the true embodiment of ability, regardless of luck and other factors, and pay in Shanghai as the standard, the other cities multiplied by the relative ratio)

Bottleneck one: Getting Started (salary <0)

At this stage no teacher is a variety of tragedies, various concepts of mixing, various entanglements, all kinds of Mongolian .... Basically at this stage of the salary <0 (put money people also don't want You)

How to break the bottleneck: Nothing to say, read self-study, or find someone to train

Bottleneck two: Junior developer (annual salary <6 million)

At this stage, the developer will drag the control, will deal with the common business requirements of small companies, know how to search some keywords to complete their own needs, boss account of most of the tasks can be completed. But only within the confines of his knowledge.

Representative Products: A variety of what small business site, thousands of of the kind, occasionally a little bit more difficult to achieve, or in a very bad way to achieve, the code of various magic ...

On behalf of the crowd: Beida Jade Bird and other places out of ..... College is not good enough to study.

(many friends said that I have a prejudice to the Beida bird, I have no prejudice to the training company, but the starting point is not the same, my starting level is not as good as the Peking Bird, the height of the future can be reached and you are in the position of the relationship is not big, mainly to see your growth rate, a lot of college students out than training In addition to the average level I personally think that training institutions come out to work, cheap [This is what some companies fancy])

The key point is: to deepen the understanding of. NET, to understand the relevant technology around. NET, to adjust a good mentality, have the spirit of research

How to break through the bottleneck: Find more senior personnel, see how others work, how to think how to solve the problem; When you hear someone say something, it's best to keep an eye on it, Google to see what's going on and how you can work with it.

The book can be started to see, it is best to ask senior staff what you need to read books, generally this kind of problem people are still willing to answer, be careful not to be misled by some rubbish books

Bottleneck Three: Intermediate developers (annual salary <18 million)

This level of programmer is not only enough experience, knowledge is also relatively good, boss account of the task can be completed smoothly, good at the case of known keywords search solution

Basically, knowledge around. NET is understood, such as JavaScript HTML SQL Server ext Componentart and so on

Most of the things in. NET have been heard or used, such as a LINQ lambda WCF socket

Representative Products: The most low-level developers of large and medium-sized companies, the development of non-critical applications, writing code in the eyes of experts .... At least I can run ... Bugs are not many .... In unimportant applications, it doesn't matter, a system or code that's a little more important is not going to let these people do it,

Middle-level developers of the primary and secondary school companies, there may be a person to do a project, or with two or three shrimp to do the project, do the project tinkering or can use, the most common is to do some additions and deletions to check.

On behalf of the crowd:. NET developers working within 3 years, often repetitive work, the favorite is what code generator, think it is very awesome. A lot of people will be stuck in this bottleneck, the main problem is not knowing how to go next

Key points: Developers at this stage are often busy or engaged in repetitive work due to the needs of the company and the project, the career vision is not open enough, do not know where the road

How to break the bottleneck: see how your leader or other senior personnel work, attend various technical forums and lectures; reading, video

For example mix11 Chanel9, you can look at the CLR via C # and so on, to consider a long-lasting best breath break the next

Bottleneck Four: Senior developer (annual salary <30 million)

At this stage of the technical staff, the narrow sense of the technology basically reached a large bottleneck (the narrow technology is mainly to say how to achieve, what ASP. NET life cycle, control development, multi-threaded lock, etc.)

Most. NET technologies and products are already used or can be learned in a very short time, such as Dnn,nhibernate

Have a set of ideas or a solution to the problem, have their own most familiar with the set of working methods and tools

Due to the long-term development of an industry or field, there will be a particular aspect of technology familiarity, such as the long-term AJAX applications for HTTP HTML CSS JavaScript are more familiar with,

Even in a certain aspect of the technology to reach the point of mastery, will be in the company as a special technical cattle show can solve many other team member technical problems

Have a strong learning ability, not involved in the technology and system can be quickly self-study, there is preparation for the case, the narrow technical side of the test is difficult for them

But the broader technology is still scarce, not enough to know about things outside of the. NET system, but not deep enough for the core CLR IIS and Windows platforms.

Representative crowd: Small company inside the technical cattle, the company inside the team leader first-class company's bottom

Key points: This group of people now have more career development options, but each road is not easy, and professional development in the past few years of prime time, the next pace of development will be reduced

How to break through the bottleneck: Here you will find that your circle of friends will have a very important impact on your career, most of this level of work will not be seen on the recruitment site, mainly by friends to introduce

To consider the broad-sense technical books, rather than pure. NET books, if you want to continue to improve on. NET, it has been difficult to have books to help you, most of the time to rely on PPT fragmented information, friends of the chat to have a breakthrough

Bottleneck after four break through the bottleneck four after the road is very broad .....

At this stage of career development I think there are several routes:

1. Domain experts such as the long-term development of telecommunications projects, then your value will become the telecommunications business Knowledge + technical knowledge (in fact, choose the industry more than the choice of language to make money) to go this way in advance for several years to prepare, and do not choose the wrong industry ...

2. Management (development manager, Project manager) Most of the people in China are going to take this route, but to be honest, the road is harder than the technical one, mainly to change the thinking of the technician. And there's the chance of practice.

3. Pure technical route This road in China's small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to go, big business is not very easy, the best way is to go to a foreign company (so you need to prepare your English and interpersonal relationships in advance)

4. I'm not familiar with this line of business.

5. Architect This road can not be met ... The hardest part is experience ... For example, e-commerce, it is best to find a similar company to see how others play.

6. A different industry

Some of the key points in my career

1. Do not be discouraged by the temporary inability to achieve your goals.

2. Nothing will be as good as mastering one, understanding multiple

3. Always be sure to invest in yourself, such as learning, reading, expanding social networks, etc.

4. Do one thing well or not

5. If you don't feel any progress for a long time, you may need to rethink

6. Ability up everything is not a problem

7. It is best to make a plan every year and then have a mid-term, such as a 5-year career plan

8. Your current company and position is very important to your career development, after all, you are at least 8 hours a day in the company's business (lazy that is another topic) can be in the work of learning to grow to a large extent determine your level of development

How to get the job you like:

1. Different positions appear in different places, generally all the bottlenecks 4 and below will appear in the recruitment site such as 51job, and this level and above the position generally appears in a. First-class company's own website B. headhunting C. Circle of Friends

2. Even if you do not have enough ability to consider the interview, the interview is a very good learning opportunities; In the interview you can find your own weaknesses (you don't know what do you don ' t know) and it's also a good opportunity to let you know your market price

3. If you would like to get a position, prepare in advance, such as the job description of the target company, company culture, focus

4. Go inside recommendations generally more reliable

5. The harder you go, the more preparation you need to get ahead of you, for example, you may now feel that a master's degree is useless, but it's too late to read it when you need it (Master of Engineering)

The most important, of course, is power.

Books and materials that have a deep impact on me at different stages of life

1. English learning materials, the latest technical documents are in English, most of the technical staff are generally speaking English (this is the fact that China's technology than in Europe and the United States a lot of rotten)

2.CLR via C # Classic books;

3.Code complete 1/2; Introduction to the algorithm (this is a good thing to look at, the difficulty is relatively large)

4. Technical website MSDN stackoverflow iis.net ASP. Channel9 mix11

There are a lot of other information for a moment, please help to add the next hehe

These are my personal views, and I hope we can help.

If you don't feel the use, please ignore it.

This article mainly describes the development direction of development, other such as management, design, sales, etc. basically does not involve

Perhaps people have some doubts about the income, in fact, in China's big city purely technical jobs salary is very good, depends on you have the ability to get

. NET developer bottlenecks and career development

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