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This tool library is a web site of major programming forums in China and abroad over the past two years. It includes open-source websites such as the blog Park, codeplex, and codeproject,

Collected and combined. This tool library is used in daily development (some functions)

Of course, many of them have my own ideas ..... If everything comes from open source, go back to open source.

Out of respect for the Open Source spirit of the original author,CodeThe copyright information of the original author is still in it. (Some codes have been saved for a long time, so I am sorry !)

Among them, thanks to James Newton-king.OfJSON. net,Li Tianping's dynamic SoftwareDbutilityClass Library,Www.icsharpcode.netOfSharpziplib,

And based onSharpziplibDevelopedGios pdf. netAuthorPaolo Gios,

Due to the rush of preparation time, we failed to provide a detailed demo for each task,

In the future, we will update and sort out this function class library. We hope that you will work with me to optimize and add the function.


Directory description:

Base: converts and verifies some basic data types.

BS: Applicable to B/S architecture System Development

CS: no more. In the future, operations on Windows systems will be added, such as the registry and task plan...

Database: Mainly used to connect to various databases, perform crud operations, and install databases ....

Document: mainly involves operations on office documents, such as Excel, Word, PDF, etc.

Security: security, mainly EncryptionAlgorithm, Common MD5, Des, and so on, as well as SQL Injection prevention, etc.

Other: Other skill classes

The purpose of this class library is to facilitate calls and reference by third-party class libraries at least (if it is open source, join it)

This class library is hosted on codeplex. Please participate. Thank you!

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