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. NET provides powerful and diverse management and development tools for use with developers, and they are also. NET Framework, we list them below, thanks to their support. NET becomes so powerful:

1.Visual Studio.NET: is a core development tool for. NET, including the various development languages provided by Microsoft, including Visual C #.

2.Assembly Generation Utility (Al.exe): A tool used to set up a collection. It can convert a file in a resource file or MSIL format to a collection with a list of contents.

3.Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer (AxImp.exe): Completes a transformation of a type definition in a COM class library so that ActiveX controls can be used on Windows window controls.

4.Code Access Security Policy Utility (Caspol.exe): Modifies the safety policy at the user and machine level.

5.Software Publisher Certificate Test Utility (Cert2spc.exe): Used to generate a software publishing certificate (SPC) from a X.509 certificate.

6.Certificate Manager Utility (Certmgr.exe): Manage certificates, certificate trust lists, and certificate recycling lists.

7.Certificate Verification Utility (chktrust.exe): Check the legality of the certificate signature.

8.Runtime Debugger (Cordbg.exe): Runtime debugger, a command-line program that helps developers discover and debug errors in a CLR-based application.

9.Global Assembly Cache Utility (Gacutil.exe): A command-line program that allows you to browse and manipulate the contents of the global collection cache.

10.MSIL Assembler (Ilasm.exe): An MSIL assembler that assists in the design and implementation of the MSIL Builder program.

11.MSIL Disassembler (Ildasm.exe): An MSIL disassembler that is used in conjunction with Ilasm.exe to convert portable executable files produced by MSIL code into text files.

12.Installer Utility (Installutil.exe): Used to install and uninstall service resources.

13.License Compiler (Lc.exe): Produces a binary resource file that can be included in an executable binary file.

14.Certificate creation Utility (Makecert.exe): Generates X.509 certificates and public and private keys for digital signatures.

15.Permissions View Utility (Permview.exe): A tool that browses the license set through a collection.

16.Peverfy Utility (peverify.exe): Check the intermediate language and metadata compliance with type safety certification requirements.

17.Assembly Registration Tool (RegAsm.exe): reads the metadata in the collection and adds the necessary registry entry information, allowing the COM client to transparently establish CLR classes.

18.Services Registration Tool (RegSvcs.exe): Service Registration tool, which completes the following functions: Loading and registering a collection, generating, registering, and installing class libraries for existing com+1.0 applications.

19.Resource File Generator Utility (ResGen.exe): A resource file builder that converts text files and XML-formatted resource files into CLR binaries.

20.Secutil Utility (SecUtil.exe): makes it easier to extract security information from a collection.

21.Set Registry Utility (settreg.exe): Change the setting of the public password system in the registry.

22.Assembly Cache Viewer (Shfusion.dll): Allows you to view and manipulate the contents of the global collection cache using a Windows browser.

23.File signing Utility (Signcode.exe): Marks the PE (protable executable) file. Gives programmers more control over security on the basis of component security constraints.

24.Shared name Utility (Sn.exe): Helps programmers build collections with shared names.

25.Soapsuds Utility (SoapSuds.exe): Use remote technology to help you compile customer applications that communicate with Web services.

26.Isolated Storage Utility (storeadm.exe): A command-line tool used to manage isolated storage areas.

27.Type Library Exporter (TlbExp.exe): A command-line program that generates a class library containing the public type definitions in the collection, as indicated by the collection name.

28.Type Library Importer (TlbImp.exe): Converts a type definition from a COM class library to a type definition in the CLR that is consistent with the metadata format.

29.Web Service Utility (WebserviceUtil.exe): Help build ASP.net Web services with customers.

30.Windows Forms class Viewer (Wincv.exe): the ability to quickly find information about a class or class sequence in a lookup mode.

31.Windows Forms Designer Test Container (Windes.exe): Allows developers to test the behavior of developed window form controls at design time.

32.XML Schema definition Tool (Xsd.exe): XML Plan definition Tool.

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