. NET dongle program hack (ii)

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After the. NET dongle program hack (i)

14.GUsbDogClient Check function

The key now is to modify the Gusbdogclient.connect () and Gusbdogclient.chkmapsoftkey () functions to find the ConnectNet () and Checksoftkey () functions, respectively, through a first level. Change its return value to Usbsoftkeystatus. Success.

After the modification, then can not open the program, stating that the two conditions are not true at the same time, I estimate the second condition has a problem, so, I put the second condition of = = to change! = post-Test, to be successful, to prove the return value of the second condition Gusbdogclient.chkmapsoftkey () or F.

15.ChkMapSoftKey ()

It is shown that Checkxmkey () should return F, while _gchk is assigned to F, it is not so changed, the condition is judged instead! =, that is, _gchk! = Usbsoftkeystatus. Successful, the _gchk= Usbsoftkeystatus is executed within the conditional statement. The function ends with the return _gchk.

After trying it, sure enough. It's the same as the normal version.


It's only two steps here, but here's the key!

Again, this tutorial is only a study, not commercial use, otherwise automatically bear the legal consequences!

. NET dongle program hack (ii)

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