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Unconsciously, Dalian has been studying excellent open-source Java development frameworks or template engines such as struts, webwork, velocity, sitmesh, and hibernate for more than three months, especially struts and hibernate, because struts is actually the standard implementation of the MVC design pattern and is widely used in various large-scale enterprise development projects; hibernate, however, can be said to be the industrial standard of many persistence layer frameworks. In addition, it is organized and stored by JBoss, making it independent in the persistence of enterprise-level development. Applying these two frameworks to a project can completely free you from the predicament of data persistence management and web development, so that you can concentrate on processing business logic.

I have been learning. Net for some time. Since I have been engaged in Java development, it is very easy to learn C. Basically, it takes three or five days to look at the differences between C # and Java and the differences in writing. However, learning ASP. NET takes some time to study.CodeSeparated from pages, event-driven models, hosted datasets, and excellent IDE development tools support ASP. NET ApplicationsProgramDevelopment work has become easy and pleasant. Of course, writing good code depends on experience accumulation and understanding of the design pattern.

There are various open-source frameworks in the Java field, so is it true in. Net? A search on the Internet was a big surprise, and there were 50 or 60 open-source frameworks. The nhib.pdf project immediately attracted my attention. After a rough introduction to this project, I learned that it is actually the. NET IMPLEMENTATION OF THE Hibernate framework. Let's take a look at its documentation, which is basically similar to hibernate. I decided to study this framework well. If anyone is learning this framework, please feel free to share your experience!

We recommend the nhib.pdf translated by a netizen and the official website of nhib.pdf.

Http://wiki.nhibernate.org/display/NH/Home Nhibernate Wiki

Http://nhibernate.sourceforge.net/nh-docs/html/ nhib.pdf

Download Chinese nhib.pdf

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