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Vs2002 to vs2003 and today's vs2005 provide great convenience to our R & D staff, but there are also many abnormal errors, which we will occasionally disturb, even Microsoft insiders admitted that some of the exception errors have not yet been fixed. Below are some common vs exception errors and solutions that I have encountered, I believe you must have encountered similar problems more or less. You are welcome to participate in the discussion.
Error 1:Global. asax Error
Analyzer Error
Note: An error occurred while analyzing the resources required to provide services to this request. Check the following detailed analysis error information and modify the source file as appropriate.
Analyzer error message: failed to load type "XXX. Global ".
Source error:

Row 1: <% @ application codebehind = "Global. asax. cs" inherits = "XXX. Global" %>
Source File: C:/inetpub/wwwroot/XXX/global. asax row: 1

Solution: delete global; Re-compile; restore the deleted global; Re-compile; OK

Error 2:An error occurred while parsing the ASPX page in IIS
Under normal circumstances, after the. net sdk is installed in the system, IIS can explain the ASPX page
However, when we reinstall IIS or encounter some bad things, the IIS configuration will be restored to the initial state. At this time, IIS will not explain the ASPX page.
Solution: Run regsvr32 C:/winnt/Microsoft. NET/framework/v1.0.3705/aspnet_isapi.dll-I or
Run aspnet_regiis.exe directly

Error 3:Asp.net cannot be properly debugged
This issue cannot cause an exception. The cause of this issue is probably the permission issue. If debugging fails, you can try the following two steps:
1. Internet Explorer-> Internet Options-> Security-> Custom Internet-> user verification-> login: automatically use the current user name and password
2. Right-click the project in Solution Explorer and select "properties". In the displayed window, select "configuration properties"/"debug" to enable ASP. net debugging "changed to" ture"

Error 4:The webcontrols control cannot be used normally.
Possible cause 1: The virtual directory is lost. The virtual directory corresponding to the control is webctrl_client, and the actual file directory is "installation path/webctrl_client"
Possible cause 2: multiple versions of webcontrols controls are installed in the system.

Error 5:Crystal Report Error
When we use Crystal Reports for Web application development inProgramWhen there is no problem, sometimes we encounter exceptions that cannot be properly displayed in reports. This may be due to the loss of the virtual directory corresponding to the Crystal Report. The crystal report itself has its own virtual directory, the virtual directory name is crystalreportwebformviewer. The path of the virtual directory is xxx/Microsoft Visual Studio. net/Crystal Reports/viewers. We only need to recreate this virtual directory to solve this problem.

Error 6:. Net exception when Oracle database cannot be connected
In fact, this is not a. net issue. It should be an oracle issue, but I would like to mention it here.
When ASP. NET is connected to the Oracle database, "Oracle client and network components cannot be found" appears"
This problem is caused by Oracle 9.02i. If the disk where oracle is located is an NTFS partition, this problem will occur (FAT partition, then this problem will not occur)
Solution: Go to the attribute of the ora92 directory-security-Authenticated Users-Attribute-remove the read and execute check-apply-and then click-OK-Restart-OK
(In fact, on the surface, the permission information is refreshed. If you change it again, nothing is done)
To avoid this problem, you can install oracle on a non-NTFS partition.

Error 7:When developing web application compilation, the system prompts that a dynamic library file is being used by another process.
I have encountered this problem several times because IIS has not released the file that should have been released. Restart IIS at this time.

error 8: the "unrecoverable build error" (an unrecoverable build error) error message is displayed when the installation and deployment project is generated, this error is a headache. when creating the installation package, I encountered this error somehow. After the error, I thought it was a problem with the installation of the project, however, it is normal to run the installation project on another machine.
later I checked the Microsoft website http://support.microsoft.com /? Id = 329214, which has a description of the problem, but it still doesn't work after he says so. Finally, I compared mergemod on my colleague's machine. DLL file. We found that the versions of the two files are inconsistent (we installed the same vs, and heaven knows how it changed). I put mergemod on my colleague's machine. copy the DLL file to my machine, the file is located in program files/common files/Microsoft shared/Msi tools
-- Sun zhenfang --

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