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. NET FrameworkSource codeBatch download Tool
As we all know, Microsoft has published the source of the. NET Framework.Code. This is for the majorityProgramGood news! But there is a small problem, that is, we can only view the source code of the class used in the code during debugging. Now Kerem kusmezer and John Robbins help us solve this problem. The two of them made a small program to help us download the source code of the. NET Framework in batches! Is that cool?
Next, let's talk about how to use the. NET Framework source code batch download tool:
1) decompress the downloaded package to a folder, such as C:/1. Create a folder 2 under the C-drive root directory to save the downloaded source code.
2) at the doscommand prompt (dossystem), set the current directory to the folder where the download tool is located. (You don't need to say that you don't need to use common doscommands? I won't go to Baidu to search for how to use it .)
3) enter the command "netmassdownloader-d c:/Windows/Microsoft. NET/framework/v2.0.50727-Output C:/2" to download the source code of the. net2.0 framework. (I downloaded the source code of. net2.0. The program prompts that the file was not found on the server .)
Note: If the source code of the. net2.0 framework cannot be downloaded, run the "netmassdownloader-d" C:/program files/reference assemblies/Microsoft/framework/v3.5 "command to perform step 3.
Download tool:
Http://www.codeplex.com/NetMassDownloader/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx? Releaseid = 10592


From http://www.cnblogs.com/911/archive/2008/02/21/1076081.html

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