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C # Code And Javascript Mutual call of functions

1. How to access the C # function in JavaScript?
2. How to access the C # variable in JavaScript?
3. How to access existing JavaScript variables in C?
4. How to access JavaScript Functions in C?

The answer to question 1 is as follows:
Execute functions in C # code in JavaScript Functions:
Method 1: 1. Create a button to write the called or processed content to button_click in the background;
2. Write a JS function on the front-end with the content document. getelementbyid ("btn1"). Click ();
3. Call JS functions on the frontend or backend to stimulate the click event, which is equivalent to accessing the C # function in the background;

Method 2: 1. Declare the function as Public
background code (change public to protected)
Public String SS ()
{< br> return ("A");
}< br> 2. Use <% = fucntion () in HTML () %> you can call
foreground script

method 3: 1.

Method 4: <script language = "JavaScript">
Function submitkeyclick ()
If (event. keycode = 13)
Event. cancelbubble = true;
Event. returnvalue = false;
Document. All. funname. value = "Name of the function you want to call ";
Document. Form [0]. Submit ();

<Input onkeypress = "submitkeyclick ()" id = "AAA" type = "text">
<Input type = "hidden" name = "funname"> <〈! -- Used to store the function you want to call --> --〉

In. CS, there are:
Public page_onload ()
If (! Page. ispost ())
String strfunname = request. Form ["funname"]! = NULL? Request. Form ["funname"]: "";
// Determine which function to call based on the value returned
Switch (strfunname)
Case "Enter ()":
Enter (); // call this function
Case "Others ":
// Call other functions
// Call the default Function

Public void enter ()
//...... For example, calculating a value

Question 2. How to access the C # variable in JavaScript?
The answer is as follows:
Method 1: 1. Access <input id = "XX" type = "hidden" runat = "server">
Method 2: 1. For example, Public String N is defined in the background; the format of the variable referenced in front-end JS is '<% = n %>' or "+ <% = n %> +"
Method 3: 1. You can register a script on the page after assigning values to variables on the server.
"<Script language = 'javascript '> var temp =" + TMP + "</SCRIPT>"
TMP is the background variable, and then you can directly access temp in JS to obtain the value.

3. How to access existing JavaScript variables in C?

The answer is as follows:

Method 1: 1. the foreground uses static text controls to hide the field and write the JS variable value into it;
2. the backend uses request ["ID"] to obtain the value;

Method 2: cookie or session can be used

4. How to access JavaScript Functions in C?
The answer is as follows:
C # execute JavaScript Functions in the Code:
Method 1: 1. Page. registerstartupscript ("ggg", "<SCRIPT> setvisible (1); </SCRIPT> ");
Method 2: Use the literal class and
Private void button2_click (Object sender, system. eventargs E)
String STR;
STR = "<script language = 'javascript '> ";
STR + = "selectrange ()";
STR + = "</SCRIPT> ";
// Literal1.visible = true;
Literal1.text = STR;

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