. net-General handling procedures and life cycle

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The IsReusable property is used to indicate whether the handler can be stored in the pool for reuse when the IHttpHandlerFactory object is created IHttpHandler.

Generic Handler (HttpHandler): is a special class that implements the System.Web.IHttpHandler interface. Any class that implements the IHttpHandler interface is a precondition for the target program as an external request. (Any class that does not implement this interface cannot be requested by the browser.) )

It is called and started by a server that supports ASP. A HttpHandler program is responsible for processing access requests for one or a set of URL addresses that it corresponds to, and receiving access request information (Request messages) from the client and generating response content (response messages).

Simply put: We can generate the browser code by creating our own HttpHandler program to send back to the client browser.

The HttpHandler program can accomplish most of the tasks that ordinary class programs can accomplish:

1. Get the data and URL parameters submitted by the client via HTML form form

2. Create a response message content to the client

3. Accessing the server-side file system

4. Connect to the database and develop database-based applications

5. Calling other classes

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. net-General handling procedures and life cycle

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