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NetAdvantage for. NET control is a comprehensive user interface package that contains Windows Form, WPF, ASP. NET and Silverlight controls, where the most commonly used controls are tables, charts, various editors and input boxes, gauges, navigation bars, tree lists, menus and toolbars, multiple style styles, and more than hundred seed controls, providing almost all the control elements required by the user interface application, supporting visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4.

Specific features:

NetAdvantage for ASP is a powerful Web Interface control package that enables all controls to have a Office2010 style, optimized client state, support for MVC, AJAX, and powerful data tables, charts, calendar schedules, menus, trees, Tabs, WYSIWYG HTML editor, Explorer bars, data entry editor, etc.
NetAdvantage for Silverlight can be used to develop high-performance Silverlight business UI applications that quickly and easily create stunning user experiences, with Office 2010 styles, Ribbon menus, tree lists, Outlook 2010-style Calendar day program, fast Silverlight data tables, and drag-and-drop design operations that can be seen on controls under Visual Studio
Contains the Windows Form controls required on almost all commercial application user interfaces, all of which are fully compatible with the Office 2010 style, with tabular controls for multi-level data display, chart controls, drop-down list boxes, various editors, and data entry boxes, tree lists, calendar schedules, split bars, Navigation bars, menus and toolbars, gauges, tabs, Panels, window docking, and other common interface elements.
Can be used to develop WPF business applications that are expected by users of Office 2010 style, with high-performance data table controls that handle large amounts of data in real time, xamdatatree controls that can bind large multi-tiered data sources, and out-of-look 2010-style calendar schedules, charts, tabs, Reports, menus, Ribbon, editors, input boxes, and more.
Designed to design styles and skins for ASP. NET and Windows Form applications, you can easily change the appearance of your application's interface with just one sentence of code

Download Windows Form, WPF, ASP. NET and Silverlight controls go to Dragon Bo Project network

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