. NET Io:path, File, FileInfo, Directory, DirectoryInfo, DriveInfo, FileSystemWatcher

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1. Managing the file system

Typically, applications have the need to save data and retrieve data.

1.1 Using the Path class to access file paths

"Path Common method": http://www.cnblogs.com/tangge/archive/2012/10/30/2746458.html#a3

1.2 Accessing files using the file and FileInfo classes 1.2.1

123456789101112131415161718 staticvoidMain(string[] args){    stringsourceFileName = @"F:\a.txt"; //源文件    stringdestFileName = @"c:\a.txt"; //目标文件    //如果源文件不存在    if(!File.Exists(sourceFileName))    {        File.Create(sourceFileName).Close();    }    //如果目标文件存在,先删除    if(File.Exists(destFileName))    {        File.Delete(destFileName);    }    File.Copy(sourceFileName, destFileName);    File.Delete(sourceFileName);}

Duplicate record

String sourcefilename = @ "F:\a.txt"; Source file            String destfilename = @ "C:\a.txt";//target file            StreamWriter SW = File.appendtext (destfilename);            Sw. WriteLine (String. Format ("{0} copy complete", DateTime.Now));            Sw. Flush ();            Sw. Close ();

1.2.2 FileInfo Class


private static void Main (string[] args)        {            string path = @ "E:\ zhongtian it\ video \dvd-asp.net\dvd-Zhang Bo. Netc1001\io-Zhang Bo. Netc1001\1 Last Review _ homework explained. avi ";            FileInfo fi = new FileInfo (path);            Console.WriteLine (                String. Format ("This file is {0:#.00}m", fi.) Length/(1024x768 * 1024x768));        }

1.3 Accessing Directories 1.3.1 Directory classes using the directory and DirectoryInfo classes

string path = @ "F:\tt\aeg\www";            if (directory.exists (path))            {                directory.delete (path);            }            else            {                directory.createdirectory (path);            }

string path = @ "F:\tt\aeg";            GetFiles retrieving file list            string[] aa= directory.getfiles (path);            foreach (var a in aa)            {                Console.WriteLine (a);            }                        Console.WriteLine ("------------");            GetDirectories Retrieving the Folder List            foreach (var s in directory.getdirectories (path))            {                Console.WriteLine (s);            }            Console.WriteLine ("------------");            GetDirectories retrieving the folder and file list            foreach (var s in directory.getfilesystementries (path))            {                Console.WriteLine (s);            }

1.3.2 DirectoryInfo Class

1.4 Using the DriveInfo class to access the drive

Console.WriteLine ("Drive {0}, type {1},", Dr. Name,dr. DriveType);                if (Dr. IsReady)                //{                    Console.WriteLine ("Free space is {0}", Dr. Availablefreespace);                //}

Console.WriteLine ("Drive {0}, type {1},", Dr. Name, Dr. DriveType);                if (Dr. IsReady)//device is ready                {                    Console.WriteLine ("\ t available space is {0}g", Dr. availablefreespace/(1024*1024*1024)); 41G                    Console.WriteLine ("\ t partition format {0}\n", Dr. Driveformat);   NTFS                           }

1.5 FileSystemWatcher Class

2. Using a byte stream

3. Managing Application Data

4. Efficient operation of strings

(GO). NET Io:path, File, FileInfo, Directory, DirectoryInfo, DriveInfo, FileSystemWatcher

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