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From the top to the university to work now for more than six years, and found that learning programming to develop as a work is a very long process.

University, from C to Java, C # to a variety of other language learning, and other knowledge of learning such as: Database (Oracle, SQL Server), Web Development ... Ultimately, C # makes me want to learn and learn in depth. It may be easy to get started, some things to do is also very convenient, perhaps with the personal mind, and learning process also has a great relationship. itself originally is a temper more urgent, a little quick-buck, do not like redundancy, like concise. Compared to Java, I think C # is more suitable for me, Java normal writing to me personally feel too redundant, feeling is learning Java time, to a large section of code, feel very tired. And for the Early Learning Code, is simply rote, so this will cause the Java is not why, although the work to training institutions to learn a piece of Android, but that is already I study code has about 5 years of time, then, C # should have been introduced, know that the C # language body The structure to learn, the properties and methods of the class, especially the Visual Studio for the development of a great help, when doing development time deployment environment for a just getting started to learn a real pain, dreamwearver (JSP development) +iis (TOMCAT) + Access (or SQL Server, Oracle) good trouble, because that time the teacher taught the order is not good, a straight up to say how to do, did not say how to do, why to do, the system structure and focus is not understood, in fact, in the study is very painful, which is later has a certain basis of the greatest feeling. Be sure to confirm the course of learning, reasonable arrangement, improve performance. With the most convenient type of VS development not to deploy what, convenient, but developers still want to know this deployment process, understand the structure, such as web.config-> connection pool database, server mapping is to learn, convenient development is one thing, you have to master the technology is one thing, Not for the sake of simple development of the technology should be lost, this reminds me of Microsoft. NET early processing methods.

The early development of Microsoft in C # gave us a lot of control, and it was very handy, but then let me. NET developers have a layer of fool-like development that will only drag the controls, and I was one of those in this pattern, Some of the early domestic. NET books are also a lot of drag control books, what 21 days to learn. NET development,. NET development, the early also really took them as treasure, for what, this also should say that the university spoon-feeding education, and not in line with the actual development of teaching, to make us at that time learning completely belong to different world of learning , the teaching process of the teacher itself is not how to write procedures, which know how to program programming ideas, and in line with the actual development of the way, but also let us want to learn to develop the people, into the situation of self-study. At first, I really do not know how to learn, in the choice of books are also easy and convenient to the main, (mainly those so-called "21 days to learn" such words to our small white too tempting, caught me this want to crash psychology, but also I mistakenly think only the real master can compress the huge learning content, So too hectic to study, that sentence: The book read thin, and then read the book thick, think the person who wrote the book The book Read Thin people. Actually really should look at is Microsoft's Red Book series, that is the real study, and some industry development master write development method, and learning direction sentiment is need to learn, that is complete knowledge reserves and experience development talk, can let us less detours, that group write what 21 learn is drag control learning, non-program staff okay , see can, program developers best not to look at this kind of, only will fraught books, do not know the people who write these books really only for money to write the garbage book, the market this rubbish books or in most of the main, no wonder let people think. NET is a drag control.

Really read a lot of books, read the learning methods, see the Microsoft MVP their ideas and ideas, and Preach Wisdom podcast Teacher's public video only to know that their learning direction is wrong, will only drag the control of garbage, real commercial development they do not have to drag the control, but also know that Microsoft has a MVC change everyone's view of the drag control, Back to the nature of development, Microsoft's original intention is simple development, but the processing deviated from the procedural ape level of Ascension and consolidation, creating such a situation.

After starting the real development, those garbage books let me understand some of the functions of the control, and. NET built-in objects, but in the actual development, these things really bad performance, server controls, viewstate, these must be optimized, otherwise the development of the processing of things really bad.

Start the Red Book Learning rhythm and learn about C #. NET true knowledge architecture to understand all aspects of Technology ORM Reflection, LINQ, Workflow, WCF, WebService, Wpf,silverlight, distributed ... There are also object-oriented real how to use in the project, learning the Microsoft MVP Development Advanced Technology, Learning Li Tianping (soft code generator developer) they write the actual development as the direction of their development, and learn the project route, the actual development of the project books, learn from the wisdom of the podcast: Yang Zhengko, Huadong, Mullen and other teachers of the curriculum is really a study.

summed up their own development learning route: Trash Book Drag Control-"Basic type Books-" Redbook + read blog + training institutions free Video-"MVP blog +MSDN White Paper + various technology development Open API documentation-" their own actual development of software-"according to read the book Technology class, method, Attributes write their own desired functions, transformation, encapsulation into their own modules, a large number of reusable code, structure their own architecture, rapid development framework, the underlying common modules: support multi-database switch, ORM Reflection call Custom encapsulation method, comprehensive base class to reduce a lot of code, develop a number of development interfaces, such as wcf+ Webervice correspondence Data transmission method, file stream operation method, custom anti-compilation method, bottom call operation control operating system, HTTP protocol, TCP/IP protocol, SOAP protocol, grasping packet, cracking software ...

Go a lot of detours, hope of Learning route: basic type of Books-"Redbook + read blog + training institutions free Video-" MVP blog +MSDN White Paper + various technology development Open API document-"own free development planning

Want to do

C #. NET development aspects

1, know the C # architecture and. NET learning route, and to practice

2, the use of object-oriented development ideas, combined with design patterns, design their own development model

What an individual is trying to do in practice:

Practical Development Experience:

1, during the university in the development of the company part-time development site, has the corresponding finished site

2, the development of technology to be recognized by the teacher, early participation in the high-grade defense

3, technical inspection, by the technical teacher verification, technical courses exempt, you can use the time to study other technologies and development

4, independent development of their own game website and use, profit

5, has developed a variety of their own software, of which in 2012 developed a popular 360wifi wireless hotspot to establish the function of the software

Some of these accomplishments are inseparable from their own efforts.

At that time, during the school spent a lot of hours every day in learning code, learning to develop examples, during the day to the library to learn, at night to open their own computer code, do exercises, from rote memorization, consciously go to high-efficiency learning direction development, to strive

Baidu has gone to the interview, the second round brush down, it seems that the level is still to work, to the Nanjing Military Region internal interview, has been card, has been two development companies, and China National Brigade, the group's own development team to receive outsourcing projects ...

Currently working in a China's top 500 listed companies, as research and development work, participate in the development: * * Provincial fire patrol system, the national demonstration Project food traceability platform, Xining City Investment Project ...

Attach a recently developed content: To achieve point positioning, IP, latitude and longitude positioning, real-time monitoring

Fixed-point real-time monitoring

Write so much, is to warn yourself not to be proud, to work hard, before the pay or all have returns, to refuel!

Positive Energy


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