. Net MVC uses forms authentication and. netmvcforms Authentication

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. Net MVC uses forms authentication and. netmvcforms Authentication

The folder branch is like this.

First set in Web. config

Authentication and authorization nodes
<System. web> <authentication mode = "Forms"> <forms loginUrl = "~ /Login/Index "timeout =" 2880 "defaultUrl = "~ /Home/Index "/> </authentication> <anonymousIdentification enabled =" true "/> <authorization> <deny users = "? "/> <! -- Reject anonymous access --> </authorization> <compilation debug = "true" targetFramework = "4.5"/> 

If you do not need anonymous access in the Login folder, or you can use anonymous access in addition to Login in LoginController,

Then we need to add this node

<Location path = "Login"> <! -- The method in LoginController can be accessed anonymously --> <system. web> <authorization> <allow users = "*"/> <! -- Allow anonymous access --> </authorization> </system. web> </location>

Post a part of the code in the login Method for your reference only

Public bool ValidateUser (LoginVO model) {string encodePassword = MD5 (model. passWord); // encrypted string SQL = "select * from User_Users where (UserName = @ UserName or JobNumber = @ JobNumber) and PassWord = @ PassWord"; var user = Context. data. query <UsersPO> (SQL, new {UserName = model. loginName, JobNumber = model. loginName, PassWord = encodePassword }). singleOrDefault (); if (user = null) return false; DateTime e Xpiration = model. IsRememberLogin // do you want to remember the password? DateTime. now. addDays (14): DateTime. now. add (FormsAuthentication. timeout); var ticket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket (1, // specify the version number: user can be specified at will. userName, // logon UserName: corresponding to Web. <allow users = "Admin "... /> Users attribute DateTime. now, // release time expiration, // The expiration time is true, // whether it is a persistent Cookie user. userId. toString (), // user data: available (System. web. security. formsIdentity) (HttpContext. current. user. identity )). ticket. userData obtains FormsAuthentication. formsCookiePath // specify the Cookie as Web. <forms path = "/"... /> Path attribute. The default value is "/" if not specified.); var encryptedTicket = FormsAuthentication. Encrypt (ticket); if (HttpContext. Current. Request. Cookies [FormsAuthentication. FormsCookieName]! = Null) {HttpContext. current. request. cookies. remove (FormsAuthentication. formsCookieName);} var loginIdentify = new HttpCookie (FormsAuthentication. formsCookieName); if (model. isRememberLogin) {loginIdentify. expires = DateTime. now. addDays (7);} loginIdentify. value = encryptedTicket; HttpContext. current. response. appendCookie (loginIdentify); // Add Cookie return true ;} /// <summary> /// encryption /// </summary> /// <param name = "str"> </param> /// <param name =" encoding "> </param> // <param name =" toUpper "> </param> // <param name =" isReverse "> </param> /// <param name = "count"> </param> // <returns> </returns> private string MD5 (string str, encoding encoding = null, int count = 1) {if (encoding = null) {encoding = Encoding. default;} var bytes = new MD5CryptoServiceProvider (). computeHash (encoding. getBytes (str); var md5 = string. empty; for (int I = 0; I <bytes. length; I ++) {md5 + = bytes [I]. toString ("x "). padLeft (2, '0');} if (count <= 1) {return md5;} return MD5 (md5, encoding, -- count );}


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