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Open-source CMS, we first think of is the PHP CMS, because PHP open source of the earliest, but also the most users and webmaster recognized, with the major CMS system of continuous improvement and a wide range of open-source CMS appearance. NET and Java's high-end CMS system also gradually embarked on the open source route, especially the. NET CMS system, from the earliest foreign open source, To the current domestic commitment to. NET CMS system Research and development of the company and team also gradually recognized the inevitability of open source routes, and so competing to propose open source strategic route, but some or not all of the open source, its core source is still some reservations.
Now webmaster Choice CMS is the primary factor is to see whether it is open source, whether the real open source, all open source.
The following is the author in and fully understand the various systems, open source CMS to do a summary, are to provide all the source of business, for everyone to share:
1. WE7CMS (ASP. 2.0) Personal recommendations in-depth research
The WE7CMS system is an example of a Web application framework. is an open source content management system developed under the. NET platform in C #, with a three-tier framework designed for: commercial Web sites, enterprise intranet and extranet, also suitable for: Portal, e-government, etc., and can use their proposed content model of the custom function, custom application software. is a word: convenient!! It's easier to manage projects in all areas.
The author of the most optimistic we7cms is unlimited extensibility, like an open platform, arbitrary programmer's play, and provide all the source code, I want to change into a suitable for large-scale portal CMS system, released, hehe. Currently the latest version is version 2.5, is hot beta ... (claims to support five kinds of databases: Access,sqlserver,sqlite,mysql,oracle. Of course I just tried the first three kinds, hehe, MySQL and Oracle brother really won't use Ah, no try, sorry ... )
Download URL:http://www.westengine.com/
2, Umbraco
Umbraco CMS System is an open-source CMS system under the. NET platform, the system from the implementation of efficiency, page flexibility, user interface is fully visible humanized design. NET program Master if not to see, will certainly regret, hehe.
3, Ludico
Ludico is a portal/cms system written in C # that resides in ASP. NET 2.0, and its CMS system has the advantage. You can follow the modular design and use you want to make a fuss, absolutely handy, or develop website features or do content management, all line. It has a view of the (WYSIWYG) editor and advanced user management, etc., I like Ah, recommended index: 3 star ....
4, Ndcms
Ndcms is a CMS system that is under ASP (C #). Can be said to be a simple CMS system, get started quickly, you can quickly deploy a. NET site. But the disadvantage is that there are fewer features. Modules are: User management, File management, a WYSIWYG editor, template management, spell check and built-in HTTP compression, of course, small features are also many, is the primary learner of the instructor ...
5, Nkcms
The NKCMS system was developed using the ASP. Database: SQL Server 2000. Fast, but not static pages, do not know the data volume is not big will have the problem of speed, the advantages are: The interface is concise, generous, the module is not many, but the optimization is very good, no redundant code, also recommend it, you can learn their code processing and module nesting and other characteristics.
6, Mojoportal is a C # development CMS system, is the face Object site framework, characterized by: can run in Windows ASP. NET and Gnu/linux or Mac OS x Mono platform, this is very advanced ah, For some want to cross-platform application can consider to see,.
7. Kodai CMS
Kodai CMS is also a CMS system under the. NET platform, also very early, a lot of features, very complete want to download modules, products, articles, and provide a variety of commonly used forums, blog integration interface, look at the hidden deep, do not understand why, hehe,.
8, Go.kryo
Go.kryo is an ASP (C #). NET and Microsoft SQL Server simple CMS system, very simple, recommended to learn. NET novice look, certainly help, if I just learned when I found him, will save a lot of things,.
9, Amplefile
Amplefile is a content management system that is a Windows application in the. NET environment that uses. NET Remoting.
10, DotNetNuke (ASP. 2.0)
DotNetNuke, also a good CMS system of. NET, all open source, very powerful, whether it is a commercial website, enterprise intranet and extranet, or to the portal site, is a good choice, can be customized vertical application convenient to make it easier for users to manage all aspects of the project. Can be said to be the ideal realm of a Web application framework.
Download URL:http://www.dotnetnuke.com/
today, I recommend so many friends, younger brother will continue to study, launched another rookie CMS, please look forward to it ...

. NET open Source CMS

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