. NET open Source, Visual Studio starts to support Android and IOS programs written and comes with Android simulator "reprint"

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Beijing Time today (November 12, 2014) early morning ——. NET open source. Integrates Clang and LLVM and comes with an Android emulator, which means that Visual Studio is not one of the best Ides to write Android and IOS programs today.

Microsoft today announced that Visual Studio and. NET will be open to developers on all major platforms. From the Core. NET Server Stack, the new free and fully functional version of Visual Studio, and the next generation of Visual Studio and. NET preview ... IOS and Android apps that you can use to build.

Estimate your subconscious response, Microsoft is not opposed to doing so? In fact, ah, there is no need to tangle. Anyway, Microsoft has finally let developers use the Visual Studio environment and. NET tools, as well as the framework, to create a truly cross-platform solution (Cross-platform solutions). In other words, that's a good news.

The meeting, which was previously pre-emailed to the core user, was not disappointing: Visual Studio and. NET are really starting to cross-platform. Nadella said that "mobile first, cloud first" and "find the original essence of Microsoft" finally connected to the line, the company to provide developer tools/platform after the user, the start for Android and IOS Camp developers to provide services.

. NET this open source content involves the. NET Framework Libraries,. NET Core framework Libraries, and RyuJit VMS, allowing developers to write. NET programs that run on Mac OS X and Linux. In addition, Microsoft has begun to provide free Visual Studio Community 2013 as a personal developer, equivalent to the original Visual Studio Professional available to individuals. Open source is under the MIT Agreement and provides open source assurance (patent promis).

In addition, Visual Studio Update 4, Visual Studio Community 2013, contains information about the update, as well as the next generation of Visual Studio/.net 2015 preview. Visual Studio 2015 and. NET 2015 previews contain the "Roslyn". NET compiler platform (Complier platform), which supports writing IOS, Android, and Html/javascript in C #, C + +, and Indows even the application of other platforms. In addition, the new version of Visual Studio 2015 has a built-in Android emulator, which is naturally cloud moss (VS better) than the emulator provided by Google.

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. NET open Source, Visual Studio starts to support Android and IOS programs written and comes with Android simulator "reprint"

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