. NET open source, Visual Studio began to support Android and iOS programming and comes with the Android simulator [reprint], androidios

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. NET open source, Visual Studio began to support Android and iOS programming and comes with the Android simulator [reprint], androidios

In the early morning of Beijing time (January 1, November 12, 2014) --. NET open source ...... Clang and LLVM are integrated with the Android simulator, which means that Visual Studio, which is currently one of the best ides, officially supports compiling Android and iOS programs.

Microsoft announced today that Visual Studio and. NET will be available to developers on all major platforms. From Core. NET Server stack, the new free and fully functional Visual Studio version, as well as the next-generation Visual Studio and. NET preview versions ...... IOS and Android applications that can be built.

It is estimated that you are subconsciously responding. Why is Microsoft not opposed to this? Actually, there is no need to worry about it. Microsoft finally allows developers to use the Visual Studio environment,. NET tools, and framework to create cross-platform solutions ). In other words, this is good news.

This meeting was not disappointing many times before it was announced by email to core users: Visual Studio and. NET started to become cross-platform. According to Nadella, "mobile first, cloud first" and "finding the initial nature of Microsoft" have finally become the first line. After following the users of the company that provided Developer Tools/platforms, started to provide services for developers in the Android and iOS camps.

. NET this open-source content involves. NET Framework Libraries,. NET Core Framework Libraries and RyuJit VM, allowing developers to write. NET programs running on Mac OS X and Linux. In addition, Microsoft began to provide Visual Studio Community 2013 free of charge for individual developers, equivalent to the original Visual Studio Professional. Open-source is implemented under the MIT protocol and provides open-source assurance (patent promis ).

In addition, Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and Visual Studio Community 2013 contain the Update and the next generation of Visual Studio /.. NET 2015 preview, Visual Studio 2015 and. NET 2015 preview version contains Roslyn. NET compiler platform (complier platform), supporting the use of C #, C ++ and HTML/JavaScript to write iOS, Android, Windows, and even other platform applications. In addition, there is also a built-in Android simulator. Compared with the simulator provided by Google, the performance is naturally different from the cloud (better ).

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