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Opening process designer clicking on the new process will bring up the new Process property settings box, which includes basic information, data connection and Identity field three settings.

1. Basic information


Process ID: A unique ID that the system automatically assigns to each process.

Process name: Take a name for your new process.

Process classification: The classification management of the process, which is maintained in the data dictionary.

Manager: Specify the manager of the process and the manager can modify and delete the process.

Instance Manager: the instance manager of the process, the manager can view the process of processing and manual intervention of the flow of the process, such as Midway assignment, forced return and so on.

Delete Completed: Whether to remove the process instance's approval process from the task table when the process instance finishes.

Design mode: Facilitate the process of debugging personnel testing the new process, if the personnel selected in the following selection of personnel as the current process of the debugger, when the person walks the process, will be a person to go through the process, do not need to switch accounts to test the process. If the debug window is turned on, if the process has any error messages during the send process, it will be output in the Debug window.

Note: Note information for the process.

2. Data connection

Specifies the database connection and table to which the process is made, which is typically consistent with the data connection and table in the form setup to control the editing, display, and hiding state of the data table fields during process flow.


If it is a process that contains a child table, the child table is also added to the list.

3. Identification field


The role of the identity field is to mark the completion of the process instance as an identity, select a field to record the state, and the process will be null during the flow of the field, and if the process flows to the last step, the value of the field is updated to 1.

The process properties are set to finish by the Click OK button to complete the property settings, then you can start the process step setup.

. NET open source Workflow roadflow-Process Design-process property settings

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