. NET parallel Programming-7. Implementing high-performance asynchronous queues based on BlockingCollection

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Three years ago, the Concurrentqueue -based asynchronous queue was written, and today, while collating the code, found another way to implement it--using the BlockingCollection implementation, which is still being used in actual projects. For basic use of blockingcollection, please refer to MSDN. Source Code Implementation

The code is directly below: (The code is already on my github)
usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.Concurrent;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingSystem.Threading;usingDanny.Infrastructure.Helper;namespacedanny.infrastructure.collections{/// <summary>    ///a multi-threaded processing queue based on the BlockingCollection implementation/// </summary>     Public classProcessqueue<t>    {        PrivateBlockingcollection<t>_queue; PrivateCancellationTokenSource _cancellationtokensource; PrivateCancellationToken _cancelltoken; //Internal thread pool        PrivateList<thread>_threadcollection; //whether the queue is processing data        Private int_isprocessing; //Wired is impersonating to process data        Private Const intProcessing =1; //no thread processing data        Private Const intUnprocessing =0; //whether the queue is available        Private volatile BOOL_enabled =true; //number of internal processing threads        Private int_internalthreadcount;  Public EventAction<t>processitemevent; //handling exceptions, requires three parameters, current queue instance, exception, data processed at that time         Public Eventaction<Dynamic,exception,t>processexceptionevent;  PublicProcessqueue () {_queue=NewBlockingcollection<t>(); _cancellationtokensource=NewCancellationTokenSource (); _internalthreadcount=1; _cancelltoken=_cancellationtokensource.token; _threadcollection=NewList<thread>(); }         PublicProcessqueue (intInternalthreadcount): This()        {             This. _internalthreadcount =Internalthreadcount; }        /// <summary>        ///number of internal elements in the queue/// </summary>         Public intGetinternalitemcount () {return_queue.        Count; }         Public voidEnqueue (T items) {if(Items = =NULL)            {                Throw NewArgumentException ("Items"); } _queue.            ADD (items);        Dataadded (); }         Public voidFlush () {stopprocess ();  while(_queue. Count! =0) {T Item=default(T); if(_queue. TryTake ( outitem)) {                    Try{processitemevent (item); }                    Catch(Exception ex) {onprocessexception (Ex,item); }                }            }        }        Private voiddataadded () {if(_enabled) {if(!Isprocessingitem ())                    {Processrangeitem ();                StartProcess (); }            }        }        //determine if the queue is wired is impersonating in the processing        Private BOOLIsprocessingitem () {return! (Interlocked.compareexchange (ref_isprocessing, processing, unprocessing) = =unprocessing); }        Private voidProcessrangeitem () { for(inti =0; I < This. _internalthreadcount; i++) {Processitem (); }        }        Private voidProcessitem () {Thread CurrentThread=NewThread (state) ={T Item=default(T);  while(_enabled) {Try                    {                        Try{Item=_queue.                            Take (_cancelltoken);                        processItemEvent (item); }                        Catch(OperationCanceledException ex) {Debughelper.debugview (ex).                        ToString ()); }                    }                    Catch(Exception ex) {onprocessexception (Ex,item);            }                }            });        _threadcollection.add (CurrentThread); }        Private voidstartprocess () {foreach(varThreadinch_threadcollection) {Thread.            Start (); }        }        Private voidstopprocess () { This. _enabled =false; foreach(varThreadinch_threadcollection) {                if(thread. IsAlive) {thread.                Join ();        }} _threadcollection.clear (); }        Private voidonprocessexception (Exception ex,t item) {varTempexception =processexceptionevent; Interlocked.compareexchange (refProcessexceptionevent,NULL,NULL); if(Tempexception! =NULL) {processexceptionevent ( This, Ex,item); }        }    }}
How to use:
classProgram {Static voidMain (string[] args) {Processqueue<int> processqueue =Newprocessqueue<int>(); Processqueue.processexceptionevent+=processqueue_processexceptionevent; Processqueue.processitemevent+=processqueue_processitemevent; Processqueue.enqueue (1); Processqueue.enqueue (2); Processqueue.enqueue (3); }        /// <summary>        ///This method processes each element of the queue/// </summary>        /// <param name= "value" ></param>        Private Static voidProcessqueue_processitemevent (intvalue)        {Console.WriteLine (value); }        /// <summary>        ///Handling Exceptions/// </summary>        /// <param name= "obj" >Queue Instances</param>        /// <param name= "ex" >Exception Object</param>        /// <param name= "value" >Data in error</param>        Private Static voidProcessqueue_processexceptionevent (Dynamicobj, Exception ex,intvalue) {Console.WriteLine (ex.        ToString ()); }    }

. NET parallel Programming-7. Implementing high-performance asynchronous queues based on BlockingCollection

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