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Microsoft's. NET platform is a new generation of Internet platform. For technical developers,. The two features of the net platform are remarkable, first of all, the common language runtime, the common language runtime platform, and the large and comprehensive unified programming class.
The C # language is a Microsoft company target. NET platform to launch a new language, as. NET platform, which concentrates almost all the latest results on software development and software engineering research. It not only inherits the C + +, Java and other object-oriented powerful features, but also inherits the VB, Delphi and other programming languages of the rapid development of visual function, it is currently the first fully oriented components of the language.
. NET platform is divided into the following four aspects: Web Forms, Windows Forms, Web service, and Windows service, so let me introduce you to the design of the Windows Forms program.
1. Essentials of Basic knowledge
C # language: C # language has evolved from C + +. It is modern, simple, fully object-oriented and type-safe. If you are a C/s + + programmer, the learning curve will be very flat. Many C # statements borrow directly from your favorite language, including expressions and operators. C # is a modern programming language. C # reduces some of the features of C + +, with no more macros, templates, and multiple inheritance. New features that make programming more convenient are strict type safety, versioning, garbage collection (garbage collect), and so on. All of these features aim to target the development of component-oriented software. C # is therefore also referred to as a component-oriented language.
Class: A class is a set of objects that have the same data structure and the same operations. A class is an abstraction of a series of objects of the same nature, a description of the common characteristics of objects. For example, every car is an object, all cars can be used as a template, we define the car this class. C # is object-oriented, and all C # code must be placed in a class, with no global variables and global names.
. NET class Library: Microsoft has designed a very large programming class for the. NET platform. These classes range from the bottom of the operating system to the Windows interface, from database development to Web services, and so on. These classes are both on the common language runtime and are administrative, secure code. by using. NET provides a "super" class library that you can easily develop. NET platform for four types of programs: Web Forms, Windows Forms, Web service, and Windows service.
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