. NET Program Performance essentials and optimization suggestions,. net performance essentials Optimization

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. NET Program Performance essentials and optimization suggestions,. net performance essentials Optimization
. NET Program Performance essentials and optimization suggestions

A few days ago, he saw on his blog that Bill Chiles (Program Manager of the Roslyn compiler) wrote an article titled "Essential Performance Facts and. NET Framework Tips". This article is a 14-page pdf. At that time, I saw it on the Lumia mobile phone on the subway. I think it is very good. I suggest you download the original article directly, I will try to translate it here to deepen my impression, and I will also think about it later. The following is the content of the original article:


This article provides some performance optimization suggestions. These experiences come from using managed code to rewrite C # and VB compilers, we will use some real scenarios in the C # compiler as examples to demonstrate these optimization experiences .. . NET platform to develop applications with high productivity .. The powerful and secure programming language and rich class libraries on the NET platform make the development of applications very effective. But the larger the capability, the greater the responsibility. We should use the powerful capabilities of the. NET Framework, but if we need to handle a large amount of data, such as files or databases, we also need to prepare for code optimization.

Why is performance optimization experience from new compilers also applicable to your applications?

Microsoft used the hosted code to rewrite the C # and Visual Basic compilers, and provided some new APIs for code modeling and analysis and development and compilation tools, visual Studio provides a richer programming experience with Code awareness. The experience of rewriting the compiler and developing Visual Studio on the new compiler gives us a very useful experience in performance optimization, which can also be used in large-scale applications.. NET application, or some apps that need to process a large amount of data. You do not need to understand the compiler. You can also draw these insights from the C # compiler example.

Visual Studio uses the API of the compiler to implement powerful intelligent awareness (intelliisense) functions, such as code keyword coloring, syntax filling list, error ripple line prompts, parameter display, code problems and modification suggestions. These features are very popular with developers. When a developer inputs or modifies the code, Visual Studio dynamically compiles the code to obtain the code analysis and prompt.

When a user interacts with an App, the software is usually expected to be responsive. The application interface should not be blocked when you enter or execute commands. The help or prompt can be quickly displayed or the prompt will be stopped when the user continues to input. The current App should avoid blocking the UI thread during long-running computing so that users can feel that the program is not smooth enough.

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