. NET programmer to Java programmer-Rookie Step 1

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Never wrote a blog, after the beginning of this article may be a few words, typesetting confusion of the text of the dance.

Also only think of where to say which slowly organizes well.

3 years of. NET project development in a company. The details of a sentence with: A graduate on the job and Phala Phala so far.

Because there is now a project that requires Java WEB development. Because of the previous embarrassment to Java technology.

Now study well, from the very beginning.

Project background

   . NET Content section is not detailed. The current customer already has the Java technology to make the website, and requests we also need to implement the page with the Java technology, and mounts to the current Java site.

Do not consider, first consider how to make a simple Java page and can run the test first. "Regardless of the details, regardless of the advanced technology, regardless of efficiency, only consider how the simplest and most fool to achieve customer demand"

What to do first

What do you want to do first? According to years of experience must be looking for blogs and related ebooks.

After Baidu know recommend buy a "Java from beginner to proficient", take a look first.

Chapter I. JAVA Overview

Skip Skip: Build a Java development environment and look first.

1. Download the JDK? Under Baidu, the official website, under the latest.

2. Install the JDK? Mount Next.. Next, Finish!

3. Configure the JDK? Configure environment variables? What's the use of this? Do it, according to the book.

1. Configure path

2. Configure the CLASSPATH (if multiple versions of the JDK are installed in different folders, such as 1.6.0 or 1.8.0 configuration The current need to use this needless to say)

CMD Show through (win7cmd window too small?) Right-click the form title bar, properties, set the desired form size, save)

4, develop HelloWorld program? Script? Compile? Run? Skip, direct IDE OK.

5, the use of integrated development tools eclipse, Chinese, according to the book to get good.

Eclipse development of the first Java program

tools Eclipse, Han, just follow the book.

1. Create a Java project. Enter the project name, eh? Why the keyboard does not respond, Chinese and English garbled can not input? Baidu a bit,

"Turn compatibility into Vista, go to eclipse and discover that you can enter a name for a new project, turn off Eclipse, cancel the compatibility, go in, find a new input, it's that simple"

This method can, seems to be the reason for the Chinese package, although I would like to unload, but the tutorial is based on the Chinese-made IDE, or strictly follow this tutorial to it. 囧

2, the following are the default, create a project to complete! There is a system library that estimates a dynamic link library like. NET, which is not important at the moment, and is researched later.

. NET programmer to Java programmer-Rookie Step 1

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