. Net project development tool (v2.2.0.3)

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. Net project development tools: http://www.cnblogs.com/mrhgw/archive/2007/06/04/770278.html

I. The current version number is v2.2.0.3. The following are new or improved features:

1). Further improve the functions of business entities, increase the relationship between entities, and achieve delayed data loading.
2). a generic set that supports two-way data binding is used as an entity container.
3). For data access, use the relevant components of the Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1.
4). enhanced the document generation function of the database.
5). Other functions (omitted ).

II. Download.

1 ).ProgramDownload:
If the download version is not the latest, upgrade it. (We recommend that you enable the automatic upgrade function ).

2) download the demo.

3. Upgrade address.
Changed upgrade address (http://www.mrhgw.cn) Please turn on System Configuration> system Settings> Upgrade configuration to modify and then upgrade. The upgrade time is limited ~ 11: 00. Please cooperate.

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if you are interested, contact me: QQ: 157561711 (myself) and 41195215 (. NET project development discussion group ).

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