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Now the company's test environment some text log does not allow access to provide a network of HTTP server for direct access, this file is large, general 10MB a file, not the same LAN, speed limit 200K, to wait for a long time, access is very slow. . NET code requests the latest content of a text file (similar to tail file)

Namespace ConsoleApplication3 {class Program {static void Main (string[] args) {WHI
                Le (True) {//var filelength = 0L;
                var sposstion = 0;
                int completedlength = 0; var FilePath = configurationmanager.appsettings["Txtfilepath"].
                ToString ();

                Console.WriteLine ("Network TXT file path: {0}", FilePath);
                var lengthrequest = (HttpWebRequest) httpwebrequest.create (FilePath); Lengthrequest.method = "Head";//Get file headers only, do not get content, speed fast var contentlength = ((HttpWebResponse) lengthrequest.getre Sponse ()).
                try {lengthrequest.abort (); The catch (Exception ex) {Console.WriteLine (ex).
                message); var getlastlength = Convert.ToInt32 (configurationmanager.appsettings["Getlastlength"). ToString ());
                HttpWebRequest myrequest = (HttpWebRequest) httpwebrequest.create (FilePath); if (ContentLength > Getlastlength) {myrequest.addrange ((int) (Contentlength-getla  STLENGTH);//Set range value}//request to server, get server response data stream HttpWebResponse WebResponse =
                (HttpWebResponse) myrequest.getresponse (); Filelength = webresponse.contentlength + sposstion;//File size = downloaded + server returned Stream MyStream = Webresponse.get
                Responsestream ();

                byte[] btcontent = new Byte[getlastlength];
                Save ();//Saving Download Information if ((Completedlength = Mystream.read (btcontent, 0, getlastlength)) > 0)
                    {Console.WriteLine (Encoding.UTF8.GetString (btcontent));
                    Fstream.write (btcontent, 0, completedlength);
                    Downloadedlength + = Completedlength; if (Bestop = = TRUE) break;
                else {Console.WriteLine ("No Content");
                }//fstream.close ();
                Mystream.close ();
                Console.WriteLine ("Last Refresh Time:" +datetime.now.tostring ("Yyyy-mm-dd hh:m:ss.fff"));
                Console.WriteLine ("\ r \ n---------Press any key to refresh----------");
                Console.readkey ();
            Console.clear ();


Config file configuration:

    <add key= "Txtfilepath" value= "Http://www.text.com/Info/Info.log"/> <add key=
    "Getlastlength" value= "2048"/>
run the effect, less than 1 seconds out, refresh fast

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