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---- 1. Learning Object-oriented programming ideas
-- Understanding classes, objects, fields, attributes, methods and events, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism,
-- Concepts such as overloading and rewriting
-- (Help document)
---- 2. Select a language to learn grammar and related basic knowledge.
---- 3. Understand the. n e t idea and be familiar with the framework class library)
---- 4. Write a program using Visual Studio. NET
They also need to learn about the deployment principles of. net.
Package, deploy, and manage applications. Projects developed by multiple users can be considered
Use Visual source safe for source code management.
A large number of practices are required for the use of tools.

Multiple go (such as csdn and Dev-Club) and Microsoft
Newsgroups discuss technical issues

Recommended books:
C # advanced programming (second edition) (Tsinghua University Press)
Microsoft. NET Programming Technology insider
Community Edition)
Visual VB. NET technology insider (Tsinghua University Press)
Visual C #. NET technology insider (Tsinghua University Press)
. Net getting started tutorial (including windows form and web form ):
---- 5. It is best to master large-scale database programming

We must master c o n e c t I o n,
Use of command, datareader, and dataadapter objects,
Use the dataset and dataview correctly for data operations. When
However, there must be a certain database base, including tables, views, and stored procedures.
. The backend database and the front-end ADO. NET must be in the palm of the hand
A good grasp can truly be proficient in database programming.

Recommended books:
Inside Story of a d o. n e t Technology (Tsinghua University Press)
A d o. n e t advanced programming (China Power Press)
VB. NET and SQL Server 2000 Advanced Programming-create high
Efficiency data layer (Tsinghua University Press)
---- 6. Learn XML Web Service
You need to understand the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and SOAP protocol.

Recommended books:
Building XML Web Services: Based on the Microsoft. NET platform
(Tsinghua University Press)
Building XML Web Services for the Microsoft
. NET platform (photocopy)

. NET Technology Online Resources:
China Software Network (China's largest technology community)
Computer World developer Club
China dot net Club
Microsoft official Ms d n authoritative site:
Microsoft official ASP. NET site:
Microsoft official windows form site:
Microsoft official dot Net Site:
English site code project:
---- 1. Learn the underlying principles and architecture of the. NET Framework Development Platform
The core of the. NET Framework is the common
Language Runtime, CLR ). Normally, we use
Programming in advanced languages (such as C # Or VB. NET ).
The language compiler generates a managed module (that is, the intermediate language il generation)
Code ). The managed module is a standard Windows system that requires CLR execution.
PE file. When executing the intermediate language code
The instant Compiler (JIT) converts it into a CPU
Command. This involves many details, including how to initialize CLR, Microsoft
Execution engine mscoree. dll (Microsoft Component
Object runtime execution engine, in system32
Directory) How to work and so on. If you want to be proficient in. NET technology
The. NET Framework principle, assembly, metadata, value type/reference
Core technologies such as type, type design, exception handling, and automatic garbage collection
Have a clear understanding.
Recommended books:
. N e t framework programming (revised) (Tsinghua University Press)
Applied. NET Framework programming
By Jeffrey Richter
. Microsoft. NET il Assembly Language Programming
. Net essence (China Power Press)
---- 2. proficient in running underlying tools for debugging and solving various problems
Use of the CLR debugger (dbgclr.exe.
Csung command line compilers (csc.exe.exe and vb.net ((vbc.exe)
Msilassembler (ilasm.exe), msil disassembly program (ildasm.exe ),
Assembly Linker (al.exe)
---- 3. Design large-scale software system architecture
The architecture design of the software system requires a wealth of experience
Verification requires us to grasp the overall structure of the software from a global perspective. First
First, we must refer to the Software Requirement Specification. Requirement statement is user
And the development team
So we must design the software based on
. Next, we need to design the overall software, that is, the configuration
. It is generally necessary to implement modules based on the business needs and business processes of the software.
Division, overall planning program structure, input and output, interface design, operation
Line design, data structure design, and error handling design for detailed design
Lay the foundation. In the detailed design, we need to point out how each module is implemented.
Including algorithms, logical flows, and data flowcharts. Later
Work is the implementation of the Program. The test is performed in sync with the encoding.
Strict quality control is required.
When developing large systems with. net, it is generally made into three
Layer (or N layer) structure. The application is logically divided
Three basic layers: Data Access and storage layer, business logic layer, and presentation layer.
The three-layer architecture has the following advantages: scalability, scalability, and flexibility.
When using web applications, you can consider using MVC (Model-View
Figure-controller Model-View-Controller) mode for Web Applications
The user interface functions of the program are modularized.
By the way, large software sometimes needs to integrate multiple products.
Meet enterprise-level application requirements. Microsoft provides many Server products, such
SQL Server, Exchange Server, Share Point server,
Biztalk Server. Remember: you must learn more about Microsoft products.
Many of Microsoft's technologies complement each other.
Yes! We can integrate software systems based on Microsoft's server-level products
Data sharing and access, and email and message associations on terminal Devices
. In short, it is the future to allow everyone to work together through the Internet.
Software development trend. If we grasp these directions, we will be able to control the future.
Recommended books:
Enterprise Solution mode using Microsoft. NET
Microsoft Press
Enterprise Solution patterns using
Microsoft. net ms Press
Online Resources:
Software Engineering expert network
U m l software engineering organization
---- 4. lead the team in software development
Recommended books:
Mythical man-month, Tsinghua University Press
Man piece Tsinghua University Press

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