. NET regression HTML----form elements (1) and some common tags

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Forms are-----used to collect different types of user input .

Form elements refer to different types of input elements, check boxes, radio buttons, submit buttons, and so on.

The form element is first divided into three types. Text class, Button class, select Class.

Forms can be nested within a table, or they can be nested within a table, with different scopes. (range of the self-brain complement)

The form is also created in <body></body>

Form Creation---<form action= "" method= "" ></form> note this is not from

The first is the text class

    • <input type= "text" value= "default display"/>-text box placeholder= "can be added to the mouse point will disappear gray hint" if you use this, value cannot have a word

    • <input type= "Password"/>--The Password box can also add default content with value, and the box shows hidden content that is small dot

    • <input type= "textarea"/>--text field, like a comment under the box, you can change the line
    • <input type= "hidden"/>--hidden domain, no user can not see

Button class

    • <input type= "button" value= "the word"/>-the normal button is the above forgotten password

    • <input type= "Submit"/>--default called Commit, Commit and refresh, will send all data to the server

    • <input type= "Reset"/>--default is reset, emptying content within the same form (excluding default content)
    • <inout type= "image" src= ""/>-the picture button, but also the submit button can be added to src inside the relative path, add the image after the button becomes the shape of the picture, function unchanged.

Select Class

    • <input sype= "Radio" name= "Sex" id= "Nan"/>--Radio (select one directly in the same group.) checked= "Checked"(becomes the default option), directly after the <> Word can be displayed

Group ↑ ↑ The number of this element (recognition function), cannot be repeated.

    • <lable for= "Nan" > Male </label>-related, let the user point male this word can also be selected, you can also change the male picture

↑ ID of the element

    • <input type= "checkbox"/>--multi-selection also needs to be grouped

    • <select>--drop-down menu

<option>aaa</option>-Dishes in the menu


    • <input type= "File"/>--Upload file

In addition to the text field, all other useful uses value

. NET regression HTML----form elements (1) and some common tags

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