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The methods for response objects in ASP.net are shown in the following table, and the important methods are described in detail below.

WriteFile the file to the client
Write outputs data to the client browser
Redirect the page back to another address
Flush output buffer data to the client browser
End stops and ends processing of ASP pages
Close closes the client online
ClearHeaders clear the page title in the buffer
Clear clears the data for the buffer
BinaryWrite output binary characters or strings to the client browser
AppendToLog adds custom data to the IIS log files (log file) to track and analyze records.


Output data to the client browser.


Response.Write ("string/variable")

Generally, the Response.Write method is used to output variables and volatile data. Usually abbreviated in a program.



Re-turn the page to another URL.


Response.Redirect ("URL")

· DatePart0 function:

Function: Take out the values of year, month and day

Format: X=datepart ("Y", Z1)

where z represents the incoming date time; Y represents the value of each part of the purpose.

· Now function: reads the current system date and time.

· WeekdayName (n) function

Function: Returns the name of the week.



Stops processing the ASP Web page and returns the result to the browser. Tell the browser data has been all downloaded, but also make IIS/PWS no longer read the subsequent HTML markup and ASP programs, and to end the entire ASP file.



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