. NET sends emails in case of problems and solutions

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. NET sends emails in case of problems and solutions
. NET background Code: "mail from address must be same as authorization user"


First, let's take a look at my code implementation.

Background code:

Public class EmailHelper {// <summary> // send an email /// </summary> /// <param name = "subject"> topic </param> // /<param name = "body"> content </param> public static void SendEmail (string subject, string body) {var mailFrom = ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "mailFrom"]; var mailTo = ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "mailTo"]; var mailCC = ConfigurationManager. appSettings ["mailCC"]; var smtp = ConfigurationManager. appSettings ["smtp"]; var smtpPort = Convert. toInt32 (ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "smtpPort"]); var emailAccount = ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "emailAccount"]; var emailPassword = ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "emailPassword"]; // MailMessage mailMessage MailMessage = new mailMessage {From = new MailAddress (mailFrom), Subject = subject, Body = body,}; MailMessage. to. add (mailTo); mailMessage. CC. add (mailCC );
// Configure SmtpClient smtpClient = new SmtpClient (smtp, smtpPort) {Credentials = new NetworkCredential (emailAccount, emailPassword), EnableSsl = true,} on the mailbox server ,};
// Send the smtpClient. Send (mailMessage );}}


Configuration file:

<Deleetask> <! -- Sender, recipient, CC --> <add key = "mailFrom" value = "53xxx1314@qq.com"/> <add key = "mailTo" value = "89xxxx734@qq.com"/> <add key = "mailCC" value = "89xxx734@qq.com"/> <! -- Mailbox server host address and port number --> <add key = "smtp" value = "smtp.qq.com"/> <add key = "smtpPort" value = "25"/> <! -- Sender's email account password --> <add key = "emailAccount" value = "53xxx1314"/> <! -- This password is not a QQ password, but a password generated by the mailbox --> <add key = "emailPassword" value = "stxxxxxxtscbbb"/> </appSettings>



The code is ready, and the rest is running.

The first problem encountered when running is "mail from address must be same as authorization user"


The specific reason is that my account password is correct. After reading several blog articles, I confirmed that the QQ mailbox password had a problem. However, it is normal for me to use the QQ password to log on to my mailbox. Then I tried to enable the POP/SMTP service and found the main problem.

  POP/SMTP service in QQ mail is not enabled




Go to QQ mail-> Settings-> account-> scroll to POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange/CardDAV/CalDAV service"


If it is not enabled, enable it.

I didn't enable it. After clicking it, I need to send a text message and configure the mail client

After the text message is sent, the authorization code is obtained, and the authorization code is replaced with the QQ password I wrote in the code, and then re-run, the error disappears, mainly due to unauthorized issues

Note: The authorization code will expire after the QQ password or independent password is modified and must be obtained again.


Run again, no problem


  Although the problem is not very big, and there is not much technical content, but it can save us the trouble of solving this problem again, but we cannot think of how to solve it. In retrospect, the total proportion of new attention should save time.




 , I hope I can come back and see my step when my technology is successful.


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