. NET the whole concept began to be very vague, Microsoft can not be clearly defined within the

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Concept | Microsoft has for some time caused the whole concept is very confusing, such as Microsoft has a period of time to all the products, followed by a ". NET" suffix, such as sql.net,windows.net, Office.NET et cetera, the trend has been halted, and Windows.NET 2003, which will be released next month, has been renamed Windows 2003 Sever.
Now all of the more focus. NET is the following concept
. NET FRAMEWORK--JDK (a runtime and a large classlibrary)
C#,vb. NET, J #, and so on-a bunch of languages that follow the CLI specification, which is equivalent to Java and Python in EE.
Vs. net--An editing tool that you can use for. NET language programming, the equivalent of JBuilder and other editors.
. NET Framework, all. NET's advanced languages are compiled into MSIL (Microsoft intermediate language), which is very similar to Java compiled into byte code, so fundamentally. NET Cross-platform is not a barrier, but Microsoft for its own some other interests, did not do these things, but it has been put. NET two parts of the standard application to international standards organizations, so there are a number of third-party groups and companies that are committed to it. NET for Cross-platform porting, such as the Mono Plan (http://www.go-mono.com).
Other than that. NET can also support the programming such as PDA, have natural support to WML, etc. NET's framework for smart devices such as PDAs is the. NET Compact Framework, currently a separate product that will be integrated in Vs.net 2003.
In addition, in terms of Web service, Microsoft's. NET is the industry's first implementation of its products, Microsoft's. NET many parts, and will be more and more, with Web service as the focus.
Any time
Any Where
Any Platform
Any Device
Any Language
This is Microsoft. NET's goal

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