. NET video tutorial,. NET Basics Video Tutorial

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A friend gave me a recommended set of. NET video tutorials, starting from the zero-based learning, feel good, and now share to everyone:

1. This course chooses practical work commonly used in practical technology, focuses on enterprise development in 80% of the time in the use of 20% of the technology gradually in-depth explanation: Instead of one step, the core technology in different stages of the interpretation, in order to maximize the learning effect
2. Follow-up: For some of the skills, the first presentation only introduces basic, common technical details, other technical details will be in the case, the project needs to be explained
3. Project experience is embodied in the three aspects of debugging ability, business capability and work flow.
4. The use of the development environment for the Vs2010,.net 4.0 class library, SQL erver2008,linq technology,. NET MVC3.0,JQUERY,EXTJS,SILVERLIGHT4 and other rich client technology, so that the technology will not be outdated in three years
5. Four major technologies involved in software development:
. NET technology +java Technology + database technology + client Technology
6. Video Lessons + on-machine class exercises + homework instruction + Preview task layout +
After each lecture involves the common enterprise face question instruction + instruction study Lesson Summary review Skill Point +
Course Learning effect test + stage Project enhancement Skills + Graduation Design large project Walkthrough Acquisition project Experience + Advanced technology class expansion skills
(1 plus 9) multi-mode video teaching method hands-on teaching staff to master the Software development process and professional software development skills, so that you from a technical novice to become a professional software engineer with rich development experience
7. Phase Project + Graduation design project size of 46 or so, the content relates to MIS, recruitment network, CRM, system integration, logistics, invoicing, e-Government, website construction and many other aspects. Encode nearly 150000 lines (approximately 2-3 years for professional software developers to encode 5

The curriculum system is divided into three stages

The total period of more than 1200 hours, each class is about 50 minutes, is currently the most comprehensive and technical most innovative courses, seconds to kill all physical training in the country.

Learning Goals:
Software Development Engineer with 2-4 years of experience in software development in line with enterprise requirements

Interested friends, can also leave a mailbox or add me 779591710
I'll send you the complete information.

. NET video tutorial,. NET Basics Video Tutorial

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