. NET Web development beginners must know four websites. net

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. NET Web development beginners must know four websites. net
No. 1 W3school link:


Preview: Introduction:

The world's largest Web Front-end technology tutorial website. The content covers from basic HTML to CSS to advanced XML, SQL, JS, PHP, and ASP. NET.


The tutorial is concise and easy to understand. Code samples are provided for almost every knowledge point, and you can modify and execute code online to view the results. A detailed reference manual is available for reference.

Recommendation section:

HTML tutorial:Http://www.w3school.com.cn/html/index.asp

Javascript Tutorial:Http://www.w3school.com.cn/js/index.asp


No. 2 Microsoft Virtual Institute (MVA) link:


Preview: Introduction:

Free Microsoft training courses provided by experts and online training courses for IT professionals. Provides over courses in 11 languages to help technicians keep learning.


The video tutorials recorded by Microsoft experts start with the most basic knowledge and do not end with the basics. Courseware and self-test questions are provided after each video tutorial.

Recommendation section:

Quick Start C # programming:Http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/790

Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start:


No. 3 ASP. NET link:


Preview: Introduction:

Microsoft's official ASP. NET teaching website. It covers important. NET modules such as Web Forms, MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework.


The website contains a large number of graphic tutorials and a pdf version for offline download. The tutorials are detailed and illustrated, and are suitable for reading the tutorials and performing operations.

Recommendation section:

MVC: http://www.asp.net/mvc

Web API: http://www.asp.net/web-api


No. 4 blog Park link:


Preview: Introduction:

Knowledge learning and sharing communities for programmers. The content is mainly based on. Net technology and includes Web Front-end, mobile phone development, and database technology.


There are a large number of technical tutorials for learning, reference, and reference in the blog. We recommend that you read the blog posts in your related fields and select the typical ones. And write the knowledge and experience gained from work and study in the blog, so that you can sum up and improve yourself and help others.

Recommendation section:

. NET Technology: http://www.cnblogs.com/cate/108698/

Web Front-end: http://www.cnblogs.com/cate/108703/

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