--python Overview of Python Learning

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1 Advantages of Python

The Python language library is complete, simple in syntax, and has its own installation on Linux, with unique features in handling big data and automation.
2 Python Interpreter

The Python interpreter is used to interpret Python code, and the more popular Python interpreter is:
CPython, use the C interpreter to interpret the Python source as a. pyc file (byte code)
Jpython, using the Java interpreter to interpret python source Code as Java-recognized bytecode
IronPython, using the C # interpreter to interpret the bytecode identified for C #
PyPy, the interpreter is interpreted as bytecode and adds a step to the machine code, which is characterized by fast

3 python encoding

The encoding that is designed in Python:

ASCII, with 8 bits to represent part of the character and number

Unicode, at least 16 bits, contains the characters that each country can use.

Utf-8, the Unicode is compressed to save unnecessary space consumption.

4 Basic data types

The basic data types in Python are:

int integral type

Long integer type

float Float Type

Boolean: True or False; equivalent to 1 or 0

String: "This is a string"

5 Complex data types

The complex data types in Python are:

List: li=[1,2,3,4,]

Tuple Ganso: t1= (1,2,3,4)

Dict dictionary: dic={' K1 ': ' v1 ', ' K2 ', ' v2 '}

6 Basic Process Control

If.. else/if. Elif. else used to select the control flow

For,while loops to control loops

7 Variables and constants

Constants are generally expressed in uppercase letters to differentiate variables such as pi=3.14

8 Indent

Python needs to be indented to determine the scope, the same level of code indentation must be the same amount, such as:

Two print is obviously the same level, then the front indentation must be, the official recommended indent 4 spaces. Of course, it is best to use the IDE tools to write, will automatically indent, can save a lot of trouble.

9 various operations

9.1 Basic Arithmetic operations

+, -, *, /, %, **, //

Is the integer portion of the returned quotient.

9.2 Comparison Operations

= =,! =, <, >=, <=

The result of the comparison operation returns a Boolean value, such as 2>3 returns False

9.3 Bits Operations

& Bitwise AND

| Bitwise OR

^ Bitwise XOR OR

<< left shift, such as 2<<1, returns 4

>> move right, such as 2 >>1, will return 1

--python Overview of Python Learning

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