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A few days ago the annual Valentine's Day, in the A5 essay area like Teahouse General, did not appear to the French general romantic rose, but appeared such a post, probably means: Are you ready to lose your virginity today? This is a webmaster brother from the heart of the deep cry, brother said, He is now fully prepared for all the spiritual and material things, on the honor of the girl came to arrest, in the end is in the virtual world platform, anyway, we can not meet each other, in case of the Internet, you can change a vest again, followed by a lot of posts, but 兙 noticed, No one took out like Liu Hulan and Jiangjie as brave and awe-inspiring to the pieces to refute, scold, are some foggy nonsense, that this society is really some entertainment. Moreover, the Yu Feng has sneaked into the A5 area, the security situation to A5 may bring some small hidden dangers. Here, by the way, I hope that the owner can organize network and police to strengthen security patrol is.

In the SEO field, about the site was searched engine punishment things, in particular, in the early days of the site, is the webmaster has been talking about one of the important topics, although it is the people of the beholder, see, in fact, in the insiders seem to be basically nothing more than a few, can in layman's view, read the article may still be Yunshan feeling. This reminds me of an article about word segmentation, and it seems to show the same point. The main part is the lack of concrete practice process.

Now the stage, the Baidu search engine character and temper, has appeared more the same understanding, although this is not the official, also not the only version, but the webmaster basically agree with the "Baidu Aunt" argument. As for the punishment of the website, it seems that there is not a similar object which can be compared in simple and simple terms at this moment. Here, the extraordinary 兙 here liberty to do a random ratio: a website birth, the experience of growing up as if is a maiden's youth journey. Site is too early K, here can be more intuitive to understand as a young girl's virginity event! Girls lose their virginity, suffered physical and mental destruction, in addition to the girl itself, the most harmful nature is the girl's parents, this parent is 兙 that is the site's owner, is to see this small article "you". However, this is a virtual world, you should never do a simple one. Otherwise, I might have to ask for a statement.

How to prevent and avoid their own site by the search engine punishment is like studying to let their own family girl effectively protect their own security as important.

Here is a very vulgar analogy 兙: The site is punished like a girl in their own family's virginity events! For a family, is a very serious event, not to mention the current Chinese family, a single girl from the overall situation is still a scarce resource.

The occurrence of the virginity event is generally nothing more than two big aspects, the first is its own reasons, flies do not bite seamless eggs, specific can be from the following points:

1. From this point of view, is generally the girl has a lot of bad habits, indolent, so the vanity will be more prominent, so that on the site will often show the words of the stack. Such a result, the keyword density will certainly exceed the warning line, to attract possible punishment, then a girl all day, will naturally attract a group of socially ill teenagers harassment. For example, the American film "The Defendant" is based on the story of a bar in the United States, a girl dressed in exposure to recruit 7 gang gang rape. Has sparked a series of social problems.

2. Study, life, and sometimes can be said to work without good laws, often haunt in some of the more dangerous areas, sometimes late at night, or home early in the morning, because of their own prevention awareness is poor, so that their survival environment is more dangerous. Website Update frequency is not stable, the work habit is compared with sex, even the structure of the website will change greatly.

3. Lack of focus on their studies, poor parenting and upbringing, cranky, behaving strangely, and acting out of bounds. Under normal circumstances, energy is usually conserved, a girl who does not love to learn is bound to have an outlet for her energy, and it is likely to be influenced by some non-mainstream unhealthy thoughts, yearning for life under decadent thought, and even sneaking around to see pornographic films that are not very suitable for adults. Lead to a certain degree of sexual precocity. Then, the heart of the wall is early late things. This in the continuous construction of the site, generally reflected in the quality of the article and content of innovation above. A large number of copies, collection, pseudo original highly repetitive content. Naturally, in Baidu's collection system will be greatly discounted.

The second is external reasons, can also be subdivided, 1. Making friends carelessly. Mistaken for others ' traps and pitfalls. This can be the most direct understanding of the Web site Friendship Link Exchange, because of other people's vicious and bad habits so that they have been hurt. See A5 inside there is a specific analysis of the encounter links to the misunderstanding and traps, 兙 can be in the future of the article to do further analogy and explanation. Here, limited to space and thinking is not comprehensive, for the moment will not be big expansion. 2. Its own positioning, so that the surrounding environment for the girl to make a miscarriage of judgment, which in the search engine evaluation of the weight of the site, misunderstanding things are everywhere. How to better show yourself, not only a girl, for a website because it is also so important.

Again is the accidental factor, is the search engine's sudden ventilation, this is like the whole girl's survival environment has a big reversal and worsened, this extreme case, seems to be some not clear, that had to use 1937 years of Nanjing Massacre massacre incident to elucidate, this time, Rely on their own to create a small environment has no effect, the system has collapsed, such a bad situation below, their own site by K is a crash concept. At this time, the belief that can rely on survival is: justice and fairness will eventually return to the planet. Even in the long night, but also the teeth shut, yearning for light.

These statements are only incidental association, graffiti, which naturally there are a lot of far-fetched, which will be left after the fine carving, or other extraterritorial expert to come to the maze. The above text, unsightly, please understand. Thank you.

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