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· What is a model?


A model is an expression of similar or other tools using a certain tool. Models start from a modeling point of view and grasp the most important aspects of things to simplify or ignore other aspects. Models are used in engineering, construction, and many other fields that require creativity.

Tools that express models require ease of use. A building model can be a building drawing drawn from a drawing, a three-dimensional model made of thick cart, or a finite element equation stored in a computer. The structure model of a building not only shows the appearance of the building, but also can be used for engineering design and cost accounting.

Models of software systems are expressed in modeling languages, such as UML. The model contains semantic information and representation, which can take different forms, such as graphics and text. The purpose of creating a model is to make it easier and more convenient to use a model than to manipulate a physical object.


· Purpose of the model

The model has multiple functions.

Capture precise and expressive project requirements and knowledge in the application field so that stakeholders can understand and reach an agreementVarious models of a building can accurately express the building's appearance, transportation, service facilities, wind resistance and seismic performance, consumption and other requirements. Stakeholders include architects, construction engineers, contractors, contractors, owners, tenants and municipal authorities.

Different models of the software system can capture information about the application fields, usage methods, test methods, and construction modes of the software. Various stakeholders include software architects, system analysts,ProgramPersonnel, project managers, customers, investors, end users, and operators who use software. Various models should be used in UML.


System DesignArchitects can use model diagrams drawn on drawings, models stored in computers, or actual 3D models to visualize their design results and use these models for design experiments. Building and modifying a small model is relatively simple, which allows designers to create and innovate without any cost.

Compile the programCodeIn the past, software system models helped software developers easily study various architectures and design schemes of software. Prior to detailed design, a good modeling language allows designers to have a comprehensive understanding of the software architecture.


Separate specific design details from requirementsA model of a building can show the appearance that meets the customer's requirements. Another type of model can describe the setting of electrical lines, pipelines and ventilation pipes inside a building. There are multiple solutions to implement these settings. The final building model must be the best design solution that architects think. Customers can check and verify the solution, but customers usually do not care about the specific design details, as long as they can meet their needs.

A type of software system model can indicate the external behavior of the system and the information related to the real world in the system, another type of model can display the classes in the system and the internal operations required to implement the system's external behavior characteristics. There are multiple methods to implement these actions. The model corresponding to the final design result must be the best one the designers think.


Generate useful productsThe building model can have a variety of related products, including the list of building materials, the Building Slope at various wind speeds, and the stress levels at each point in the building structure.

The software system model can be used to obtain the declaration, process body, user interface, database, legal use instructions, draft configuration, and comparison of competition with other organizations in technology.


Organize, search, filter, re-obtain, check, and edit information about large systemsBuilding models use service facilities to organize information: construction structures, electrical appliances, pipelines, ventilation facilities, decoration, and so on. Unless stored on a computer, it is not easy to find and modify the information. On the contrary, if the entire model and related information are stored in a computer, this work is very easy and can be easily studied for a variety of design schemes that share some public information.

The software system uses views to organize information: static structure view, state machine view, InterAction view, and view that reflects requirements. Each view maps a part of the information selected from the model for a specific purpose. Without the support of model management tools, you cannot make the model more precise. An interactive view editing tool can present information in different formats. It can hide and display unnecessary information for a specific purpose in the future, you can group operations, modify model elements, and modify a group of Model Elements with only one command.


Economically researching solutions in various design processesThe advantages and disadvantages of different design schemes for the same building may be unclear at the beginning. For example, different sub-structures that can be used in a building may have complex mutual influences, and construction engineers may not be able to correctly evaluate these sub-structures. Before building a building, the model can be used to study multiple design schemes and estimate the costs and risks at the same time.

By studying the model of a large software system, multiple practical solutions can be proposed and compared. Of course, the model cannot be fine enough, but even a rough model can illustrate many problems to be solved in the final design. The model can be used to study multiple design schemes. The cost is only the cost of implementing one of them.


The model can fully grasp the Complex SystemA tornado in an engineering model of a tornado attacking a building cannot be a tornado in the real world. It is just a model. A real Tornado is impossible to call, and it will destroy the measurement tool. Many fast and intense physical processes can now be studied and understood using this physical model.

A large software system may not be directly studied due to its complexity, but the model makes it possible. Without losing details, the model can be abstracted to a certain level for people to understand. You can use a computer to perform complex analysis on the model to identify possible "problem points", such as time errors and resource competition. Before making changes to the physical objects, we can use the model to study the dependencies between the components of the system to find out the possible impacts of such changes.

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