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Today when chatting in the Web group, I found this thing, I don't seem to know him, so I looked up the information about him:

Copy of the example,


The buttons in the iOS environment are beautiful, but often we don't need these seemingly corny styles when designing the Web app, so it's necessary to remove them.

The following code resets these styles:

-WebKit-appearance: none;     

In general, when writing mobile Web development, the following CSS code is added to the ZAICOMMON.CSS:

But I think he seems to have some certainty, not so perfect. As follows:
-webkit-appearance:none result in Unable to get checkbox value

The background of this bug is a bit complicated. Probably is a form forms, want to use validation plugin authentication, Ajax commits. It turns out that the form will be blocked from refreshing the entire page at the time of submission, regardless of the WebKit browser.

Finally caught the culprit is the-webkit-appearance:none attribute on the checkbox.

-webkit-appearance will remove the default style of the elements in the WebKit browser. The checkbox is hidden directly under this attribute. Then use JS to get the checkbox value when the WebKit browser will report a strange error. Re-assigning this element to the-webkit-appearance:checkbox will not give an error.

Other form elements, as well as other cases, are not tested. This issue appears in both Chrome and Safari, and should be a problem with the WebKit engine.



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