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Have done programmers know, we are basically from the database additions and deletions to check over, write the code over and over, write the logic over and over, and finally may change the demand, but also rewrite, and overtime, although very simple but very disturbing the work content.

For programmers who love programming, it's always a waste of time, trouble, and no improvement on this trivial matter.

That's the way it goes. Daniel has an idea: can we get programs to write programs?

So there is now the cobweb system ...

(Cobweb system Permanent open source free oh, quick to get tools and code to liberate hands: www.cobwebtimes.com)

such as the following library management backstage-----

When you click on the shelves, you will report the shelves

Of course, there are features to view---

More details to operate the function.

Programmers know that almost every back-Office system has something like that, and it has to be written every time, and there's nothing new. The most important thing is to spend time, one is OK, that's more. Think of that time just a word, tired ...

And now the cobweb system, one such display list, is up to five minutes, yes, five minutes. You don't even have to test. What the. You have to change the demand, OK, then another five minutes on the OK.

So how do we use the cobweb system? (Tutorial videos can be obtained free of charge at the website of the Cobweb era.) www.cobwebtimes.com)

Well, probably this feeling,,, drag drag and drop is done, most write a sentence of SQL.

Usually three or four months of development, using a cobweb system, a week, are many. Others do not say that the labor costs will be saved do not know how much.

Of course, the cobweb system can only do backstage system. No, there are more practical functions oh, I pay a part of the picture, interested can also go to the Web site free access to the cobweb system and code, there are professionals for your free installation. Www.cobwebtimes.com

document Export of Party and organs

Excel Import

Excel Export

Upload Template



Smart Reports

Large screen Display

And so on and so on and so on, there are too many things to send here, interested in can see the Web Times official website--www.cobwebtimes.com

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