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In the course of studying the film, we should not only know it, more to know the reason why, @ the artist ID Small tutorial is to use the most popular way to tell you the principle of repair, as to the process of creation, we will rely on everyone's practice, gossip not much, today we come to talk about the important tool-curve.

Often use PS students should be familiar with the curve tool, I simply introduced, the principle is very simple, a learning will be.

This is the function card of the PS curve (ctrl+m),

We typically use the 6 functional areas that are marked in the diagram:

1, the preset choice, PS software itself provides us with some commonly used effect curve, convenient for us to repair the film quickly;

The negative, recoil, and so on, in the next I want to talk about the app is also reflected in the repair map.

2, channel selection, you can choose to adjust in RGB mode, you can also adjust the R,g,b channel, this point later in the use of app I will also speak alone;

3, main function area, is we adjust or draw the main operation area of curve;

4, "In the image selected has been set black field/gray Field/White field", you can use this to correct the color, adjust the contrast, and so on, this function is less used in this do not introduce;

5, display area, can show/hide the corresponding reference system;

6, automatic adjustment, you can adjust the screen curve, you can choose a different algorithm.

Understanding the basic functions of the Curve menu, the following highlights the meaning of the main ribbon and how to do it:

Taking yesterday's photo as an example, let's look at the effects of different adjustments in the curve on the photo effect:

Original piece style:

The anchor points in the lower left corner of the curve control the dark part, and the anchor point in the upper right corner controls the light part,

My extreme point is, for example:

The bright part of the picture is obviously brighter;

The bright part of the picture darkened obviously;

The dark part of the picture darkens obviously;

The dark part of the screen is obviously brighter, resulting in the screen hair gray, this curve is also a common form of the Japanese style, of course, I am dealing with the comparison of extreme values.

From the above comparison, we can analogy, if I turn the bright part of the light, dark darkened is equivalent to increase the contrast of the picture?

Yes, it does, but only at the brightest and darkest anchor points, screen may have been exposed or dead black, then adjust the curve when we need to choose a reasonable color range, curve operation, click on a point on the curve can be set to anchor point (anchor Point can add multiple), The equivalent of a fixed value, and then adjust the rest of the curve can be a more balanced effect, such as we commonly used to increase the contrast of the "S" curve;

The effect is more ideal than the above figure.

Here, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the curve, of course, there are alumni asked, I did not learn PS how to deal with, there is no way to deal with mobile phone?

Of course, this time we need to use a curve to adjust the application of the app.

App's name is mix, free software.

statement, I do not advertise for it oh, I only know this app has curve adjustment function, if there are other applications also have this function, I hope you can comment on sharing ha!

Open a picture, this is last night in the vicinity of the film, I fine-tuned the color temperature, so that the adjustment effect more obvious.

MIX The Curve adjustment tool under the color option:

The interface and PS are not much different, but the function is simpler, but also provides some ready-made preset, is in the above I mentioned the 1th function "Preset", the bottom is the different channel choice;

Adjust the background after the curve of the photos can be real-time preview, this is still good, 16 Sudoku the upper left corner of a color map simple hint of the picture information, here I do not do detailed expansion, only a simple introduction, the color level on the left side is black (dark) right is white, a picture of the balance of exposure it should be more uniform color, if the screen is not exposed, Or appear dead black phenomenon, color level of the left will be a lot or overflow, conversely, if the exposure, the right side of the color level will be more information.

Let me give you an extreme example, when I put the contrast of a picture to a high level, I can see that there is an overflow on both sides of the color scale.

Back to the point, the photos can be adjusted after they are imported into the mix.

I pull the contrast (positive s curve) to see, how? and PS to introduce the same effect bar;

Reduce contrast (anti-S curve);

Here I need to add the explanation, is about the channel part of the content.

RGB color Mode, we can select the R,g,b channel to adjust the color alone,

CMYK color mode, we can adjust the channel has become c,m,y,k, not much to say;

In R channel mode, the adjustment curve only affects the color under the R channel;

Similarly, in G Channel mode, the adjustment curve only affects the color under the G channel;

B Channel mode, the adjustment curve only affects the color under B channel;

The three-channel adjustment effect can be superimposed. We can look at the curve value of the recoil preset effect provided by the mix:

The curve distribution of the recoil effect, we will find that the color of each channel has been adjusted to achieve the most close effect.

Add, similar function in "provocative plan" "Enlight" and other apps also have, thanks to the micro-letter friends of the informed.

What, this piece of content completely understand it ~ ~

Na, this content or introduce the function and principle, so on the table said "or the original picture is good" and so on, I hope everyone can make a satisfactory work, refueling ~ ~

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