0-Point billing System products Detailed introduction!

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Product Introduction:

0-point Billing is a cloud billing system that supports billing for a variety of routes, such as:Wayos,ROS, Love fast,panabit Master of flow control, BV Hundred for, sea spider and so on the market more mainstream soft route. The company has many years of community, Urban village broadband operating experience, to understand the needs of private broadband operations. Direct use of soft routing to renew the vulnerability: including workers "tax evasion", "do false accounting", "landlord refund is not clear" and so the network management is a headache, for some areas is a multi-shareholder cooperation, but the investment confiscated how much return, shareholders in the hearts of contradictions, but also do not know, To this end we have developed a 0-point billing system to relieve the current urgent, so that can increase revenue, but also for the network investment shareholders have a good account.

0 Point Official website:www.feidian8.com

Product Questions:

Q: What is the 0-point billing system for?

Answer: The main realization of soft routing billing, the use of popular design, simple interface, convenient customer account opening, renewal, audit, checkout, landlord rebate, report printing and so on a series of functions, to achieve easy operation, fast and stable.

Q: Does the 0-point billing system need to set up a host on its own?

Answer: No, 0-point billing system is a cloud billing system, through the cloud billing to connect users of the soft route, not only to achieve the user in the computer room to set up a host, but also save the electricity, ensure the stability of the system, to avoid the computer room blackout caused by the inability to renew the phenomenon.

Q: Is the 0-point billing system secure?

Answer:0-point billing atprior to release, must undergo a series of strict virus and Trojan inspection, and submitted to the National Security Inspection Department for rigorous audit and testing, in addition, we at the bottom of the user data on the current most advanceda bit encryption, can effectively prevent Trojan virus and hacker scan attack, greatly enhance the user Operationsecurity and confidentiality, is yourBroadband Billingone of the essential network tools.

Q: How do I connect to a soft route with this billing?

Answer: This billing provides video detailed video docking tutorial, you can follow the video tutorial to step-by-step docking, the use of all features we also provide a set of perfect use instructions, convenient for customers to access the use.

Q: 0-point Billing soft route

Answer: currently supports the soft routes are: Wayos,ROS, the next step is to develop the mainstream soft routing on the market.

Q: If I use your billing, such as your billing failure, will not affect the use of broadband users?

Answer:0-point billing is based on remote address and peripheral interfacesmakedocking Soft routing, which just plays a role in billing,does not affect any functionality that you route. If there is a failure in billing, users can still surf the internet, will not fail, justtemporarilyIt is not possible to renew the fee.

Q: In the event of a failure of our soft routing, the data loss caused by the system will be lost.

Answer: even if the user's soft routing failure results in data loss, the above data still exists, the user can also download from the user's data to import into the soft route, so that users do not need to back up the soft-routed user data, the user can also worry and effort.

Q: If I don't have a public address in my route, can I dock my billing system?

Answer: Yes, find a technician to open a VPN account, you can use the VPN to manage your route, and you can create a VPN yourself Server to manage your own routes.

If you have any questions, you can contact QQ:9925877 tel:156-5980-9777

0-Point billing System products Detailed introduction!

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