0004-meta and link tags-front end learning notes

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<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTMLLang= "en"><!--page language, which search engines can use to filter results, specify the lang attribute for different areas of text, and screen readers can read the appropriate text -<Head>    <!--Web keywords, search engine optimization, content users are not visible -    <Metaname= "keyword"content= "Marathon, long-distance running, exercise">    <!--Web page description, page descriptions, in search engine meet visible.  -    <Metaname= "description"content= "This is a site dedicated to exercise">    <!--website redirect, 5 seconds to Baidu -    <Metahttp-equiv= "Refresh"content= "5;http://www.baidu.com">    <!--introducing an external style sheet -    <Linkhref= "Style.css"rel= "stylesheet">    <!--Browser Title section add icon -    <Linkhref= "1.jpg"rel= "icon">    <!--Introducing JavaScript -    <Scriptsrc= "Scripts.js"></Script>    <title>Document</title></Head><Body>    <P>I'm sorry. We've moved. Your URL is<ahref= "Http://www.baidu.com">http://www.w3school.com.cn</a>    </P>    <P>You will be redirected to a new page within 5 seconds</P>    <P>If you still see this message after 5 seconds, please click on the link above</P></Body></HTML>

0004-meta and link tags-front end learning notes

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