001-docker installing "Nginx, MySQL"

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1. System Configuration Requirements

Operating system: 64-bit operating system and 3.10 or later kernel: uname-r

Docker-v1.12 and later

Docker compose-v1.8 and later

2. Update the system

Yum Update

3. Installation

Yum Install Dockeryum install python-pippip install docker-compose  

4. Basic Docker command

View NPM version: Npm-v
View Docker versions: Docker version
Start: Systemctl start Docker.service boot: Systemctl enable Docker.service Help: Docker--Assistanceprofile: Docker info Mirror view: Docker images container view, process view, Docker ps-a

5. Test and install Nginx

(1) To download the image, Docker pull Nginx (2)Start Container, Docker run-d-P8080: theNginx to the container in the Nginx 80 port, mapped to the current server 8080 port, the current server IP is 192.168.1. -, the browser enters, you can see that Nginx is started,(3)and start one more container ., Docker run-d-P8081: theNginx Browser input, you can see that another nginx has been started or it can be tested with Curl to open the appropriate port(4Here, the difference between a Docker deployment application and a traditional deployment application is that the traditional deployment requires a manual copy of the Nginx, and then the port, and Docker deployment, on the basis of the created image, a command can deploy a new application

6, delete the test nginx

(1) Docker PS-A can display container ID stop container (2) Docker stop 8dc6a2b6f903 Delete container (3) Docker rm 8dc6a2b6f903 

7, specify the parameters of the container nginx

Docker run--name nginx-0018081: -v/home/docker/nginx/html:/usr/share/nginx/html Nginx

The-p parameter maps the host's 8081 port to the container's 80 port
Note here that the-V is a data volume that can be shared between the host and the container/home/docker/nginx/html this directory, inside the container is/usr/share/nginx/html. In fact, this is our code directory, debugging code is to rely on shared directory implementation, very convenient!

You can use Curl to view, which will appear in 403 below

8, modify the configuration file inside the container

-it nginx-001  bash# Installation Tool apt-get updateaptInstall/etc/nginx/conf.d/ Default.conf

Fix Web page Access 403 error

Because the Web root of the Nginx configuration in the container is/usr/share/nginx/html, the directory corresponding to the systemis/home/docker/nginx//etc/selinux/config Change the SELinux =enforcing to selinux=disabled then reboot to delete the original container and republish the container. Access
Exit Container: Exit

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001-docker installing "Nginx, MySQL"

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