001_ initial knowledge of ASP. NET MVC Architecture

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Writing in front--the reason for learning

The system of B/s architecture has not been formally contacted, but knows some about. NET Technology of B/s related technology, just participate in the work of the time remember is also ASP, and then have the ASP, Ajax,java related by JSP, recently B/S technology more and more mature, popular is also a lot. After several years of C/s architecture system development, has long wanted to have the opportunity to learn about b/s knowledge, in order to compensate for incomplete knowledge structure, after consideration decided to learn Microsoft's ASP and its related HTML5, CSS, Technologies such as JQuery (including JavaScript technology). I intend to start with MVC as the main line of learning, and then to learn the relevant knowledge, MVC's learning reference book is written by Adam Freeman, "Proficient in ASP. NET MVC 4." Let's start by introducing the knowledge you've learned, and the next chapters will be added incrementally.

about the ASP . NET MVC

ASP. NET MVC is an ASP. NET implementation of the MVC pattern, which absorbs some of the drawbacks of the traditional ASP. NET Web from, and draws on some advantages of the MVC pattern. At present, there are many advantages, such as: extensibility, strict control of HTML and HTTP (such as: in the implementation process does not generate any page containing view state data, compared to the traditional web from the page is much smaller, but also reduce the use of broadband resources. ), testability, a powerful routing system, and more. In addition, ASP. NET MVC is open source, the source code given in the book is: Http://aspnet.codeplex.com. I saw the source code on the Microsoft Open Source page page of Giit hub (address: Https://github.com/Microsoft, we can also see from this above the source of technology other than ASP. NET MVC), you can search the Internet.

MVC pattern: The abbreviation of the model-view-controller (Model--view--controller).

    • Models (Model ):

Contains or represents data that is used by the user. The view model can be either a view model or a domain model that only shows the data passed directly by the view and the controller, and the domain model contains the data for the business domain, as well as the operations, transformations, and rules that process the data. I think it's easy to understand the model as having its own basic logic, rules, and data objects that exist in the direct transfer between the view and the controller, such as some C # types. The domain model is the most important part of an MVC application.

    • View ( view ):

Assume that some parts of the model are rendered into a user interface (UI).

    • Controllers (Controller ):

Processes incoming requests, executes operations on the model, and selects views that are rendered to the user.

At last

In the course of my study, I found some MVC conventions in my book, and I intend to summarize them separately into another article (the MVC conventions) so that I can see them in the future and, of course, gradually update them during the learning process. The learning experience of the specific technologies for ASP. Will be described in a subsequent article, and other relevant technologies in this mode will be reflected in the corresponding technical articles and will not be elaborated in the ASP.

statement: If I write a summary of the study in the understanding of errors or errors in the place also want to be able to give points.

001_ initial knowledge of ASP. NET MVC Architecture

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