01-Achieve the zoom and animation effect of the image button (the initial application of block)

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1 #import "ViewController.h"2 3 #defineKdelta 604 5 @interfaceViewcontroller ()6 7 @end8 9 @implementationViewcontrollerTen  One #pragmaMark encapsulates the code for the animation effect A- (void) Btnclickwithblock: (void(^) ()) Block - { -     //Implementing animations (progressive changes) the [UIView Beginanimations:nil context:nil]; -[UIView setanimationduration:1.0]; -      - block (); +      - [UIView commitanimations]; + } A  at //Cgaffinetransform Transform - //represents the deformation state of a space (rotation angle, scale) - #pragmaMark reverts to its original state --(ibaction) Reset: (ID) Sender { -      -[Self btnclickwithblock:^{ in_btn.transform =cgaffinetransformidentity; -     }]; to } +  - #pragmaThe left and right rotation of the mark control button the-(ibaction) Rotate: (ID) Sender { *     //tag can be used to distinguish the control $[Self btnclickwithblock:^{Panax Notoginsengcgfloat angle = [Sender tag]==Ten?0-M_pi_4:m_pi_4; -_btn.transform =cgaffinetransformrotate (_btn.transform, angle); the     }]; + } A  the #pragmaMark control buttons Move up and down +-(Ibaction) Run: (ID) Sender { -      $[Self btnclickwithblock:^{ $CGRect ImageFrame =_btn.frame; -Nsinteger tag =[sender tag]; -         Switch(tag) { the              Case 1: -IMAGEFRAME.ORIGIN.Y-=Kdelta;Wuyi                  Break; the              Case 2: -Imageframe.origin.x + =Kdelta; Wu                  Break; -              Case 3: AboutIMAGEFRAME.ORIGIN.Y + =Kdelta; $                  Break; -              Case 4: -Imageframe.origin.x-=Kdelta; -                  Break; A                  +             default: the                  Break; -         } $_btn.frame =ImageFrame; the     }]; the } the  the #pragmaThe zoom of the Mark control button --(ibaction) Zoom: (ID) Sender { in      the[Self btnclickwithblock:^{ theCGFloat scale = [Sender tag]== the?1.2:0.8; About_btn.transform =Cgaffinetransformscale (_btn.transform, scale, scale); the     }]; the } the @end


01-Achieve the zoom and animation effect of the image button (the initial application of block)

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