01 Welcome to the world of Software Building

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1. Specific Tasks in software build activities
  • Verification-related basic work has been completed, so the build activity can proceed smoothly

  • Determine how to test the written code

  • Design and compile classes and subprograms

  • Create and name variable and named constant)

  • Select a control structure to organize statement blocks.

  • Perform unit and integration tests on your code and eliminate errors.

  • Review the underlying design and code of other members of the development team and ask them to review your work

  • Code polishing and careful code formatting and commenting

  • Integrate multiple software components developed separately into one

  • Adjust the Code to make it faster and more resource-saving

  • ...

2. Why is building activities so important?
  • Building activities are the main component of Software Development
  • Building activities are the core activities in software development
  • Focusing on building activities can greatly improve the productivity of programmers
  • The product of building activities-source code-is often the only accurate description of the software
  • Building activities are the only task that will be completed

01 Welcome to the world of Software Building

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