01_ Configuration of the environment

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Of course, to the official website to download Golang installation package If it is not possible because of the website speed problem, or you can use the Circumvention software, or go to the Chinese community https://studygolang.com/dl download the corresponding version of the Golang installation package installation process is a fool-style installation, Golang will automatically open a Gopath added to the system variable in the command-line tool using Go version to view go versions can use godoc-http=:8080 to open a local API document Gopath need to build 3 files directory Bin storage compiled Executable file pkg store compiled generated package SRC Store project source code place go get get remote package need to install Git or Hggo run directly run program go build test compiler go FMT format code go install compile report file and compile entire program go Compiling test files Go Doc viewing documents 95 reads
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