0202. Install Domino r8.0.x for Aix

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1. Environment requirements 1.1. system software environment


32-bit Domino server-AIX 5.3 32-bit Domino server-Aix 6.1 64-bit Domino server-AIX 5.3 64-bit Domino server-Aix 6.1
Ml05 or higher
Xlc. rte or higher
Service Pack 1
APAR iz10223
APAR iz09961
APAR iz10284
APAR iz08022
Ml05 or higher
Xlc. rte or higher
Service Pack 1
APAR iz10223
APAR iz09961
APAR iz10284
APAR iz08022
1.2. Check the current AIX version

Enter the command: oslevel-S

1.3. Enable iocp

Check whether iocp: lslpp-l Bos. iocp. rte is installed, for example:

Check whether iocp is available: lsdev-c | grep iocp, for example:

NOTE: If iocp is not enabled and the Domino server cannot be properly installed, the following information appears,
Warning: Your system must be configured with I/O Completion Ports
Install and configure the IOPC file set in Aix
Reference link: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss? Uid = csc1dc5711eccfc2b1d44825742000363a96

1.4. Check whether the xlc. rte version meets the requirements

Enter the following command:Lslpp-l xlc. aix50.rte

1.5. Check the AIX system process. If sendmail, httpd, and httpdilte processes exist, disable them.


2. Preparations 2.1. Create a domino running group: Notes

Enter the following command:Smit group, for example:

Select "add a group ":


2.2. Create a domino running user: Notes

run the following command: Smit user, for example:

select" add a user ":

press Enter.

2.3. Modify the password of the Notes user

Run passwd notes.

2.4. Create a temporary directory/tmp/dominoinstall

Run mkdir/tmp/dominoinstall.

2.5. Install DominoProgramAnd Language Pack uploaded to the temporary directory

Upload method: ftp or SSH

2.6. decompress the installation package and Language Pack

Tar-xvf domino-802install.tar
Tar-xvf domino-802lp.tar

3. Install Domino server r8.02

Run the following command to start the installer:
# Cd/tmp/dominoinstall/aix64/Domino

As shown in the following figure:

Enter yes and press Enter;

Enter. Software authorization information appears, such:

Press "1" or press enter as prompted to select the installation type, for example:

After you press ENTER twice, the program installation directory is selected, for example:

Press enter and select "whether to install the partition server" (we recommend that you install the partition server), for example:

Enter yes and press ENTER twice to select "Number of partition servers" (default: 1, maximum: 15) for installation. For example:

Enter the Enter key and enter "partition server data directory", for example:

After selecting the user group and user, for example:

Select the installation type, for example:

After you press ENTER twice, the installation confirmation message is displayed, for example:

Enter the press ENTER twice to start installation, for example:

After several minutes, the installation is complete!

4. Install the Language Pack

Enter the following command:
# Cd/tmp/dominoinstall/c1ml8sc

Start the Language Pack installer and Enter enter to display the following interface:

After you press ENTER twice, "software authorization license" appears, for example:

Enter 1 and press ENTER twice to display the program directory and data directory settings. The default path is/opt/IBM/Lotus, for example:

Enter the press enter four times and select "Language Pack Installation type", for example:

Enter the press enter and the installation path of the Language Pack is confirmed, for example:

Press enter to display the installation Language Pack options, such:

Enter 2 and press Enter. The returned information is as follows:

Press ENTER twice in a row. The returned information is as follows:

Press enter to return the following information:

Enter 1, press enter three times in a row, and return the following confirmation information, for example:

Press enter to start installation. After the installation is complete, enter "enter.


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