0.25 million times high compression of 15 GB to 64 K 3D animation

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Every year, warez organizations around the world will launch a small cartoon to show off their strength. 64 K 3D animation. You know, an ordinary MP3 is usually about 4000 K, and a normal JPG compressed image is about 30-40 K, and this 3D animation is only 63 K, you can't watch it for half an hour without repeating the music.

  • Fr_08 classic masterpiece! I believe most netizens are quite familiar with this demonstration. compressing 1.9g data to 64 K makes 3D rendering and sound effects amazing, in particular, the 64 K size has demonstrated nearly 30 minutes of non-repeating 3D films, and its technology is shocking ~ In fact, the actual animation capacity exceeds 15 GB, that is, the warez organization compresses it by 0.25 million times. Note: The system must have directx8.0 installed. Because the animation supports dx8.0 acceleration.
  • You will think it is incredible, because it only has 64 K. Higher rendering effect, the delicate convergence of 3D images, and the sound effect is absolutely not worth mentioning!
  • The sound effects and 3D effects of the 64 K-sized 3D blockbuster Mars Earth are no inferior to those of the popular 64 K 3D Demonstration.

    Note: Recommended computer configurations for watching these videos: Four +, 1 GB memory +, 512 MB memory + download

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